‘Minecraft: Skyrim Mash-up Pack’ Released With Free Birthday DLC On PS4, PS3

David Stonecipher - Author

Dec. 17 2014, Updated 12:30 p.m. ET

After having already being available for months on Xbox consoles, the Skyrim Mash-up Pack is now finally out on the Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and PS Vita editions of Minecraft. The official Bethesda Blogannounced the release of 4J Studios’ Minecraft add-on that is inspired by their popular role-playing title, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Despite the fact that Xbox owners have had their choice of various Minecraft mash-up packs for some time, the recent launch of the Skyrim Mash-up Pack on the Playstation platforms marks the first time that Minecraft fans have had the chance to try out one of these full conversion DLC add-ons on Sony consoles.

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Unlike Minecraft texture and skin packs, which only alter the in-game visuals of Minecraft‘s world blocks and character avatars, mash-up packs actually provide players with an entirely new maps that are inspired by other popular video game franchises. With the Skyrim Mash-up Pack, users can expect to enjoy content from Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series within the voxel-based world of Minecraft.

The Skyrim Mash-up Pack gives Minecraft fans access to 40 new avatar skins that will allow them to play as their choice of characters from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This includes skins based upon named characters, such as Aela the Huntress and M’aiq the Liar, in addition to more generic avatars like Orc Blacksmith, Dunmer Mage, and Flame Atronach.

Besides altering how the player’s avatar looks in Minecraft, the Skyrim Mash-up Pack also features a new texture set that changes how the in-game material blocks appear in the game. Also providing users with a new world to explore, the mash-up pack includes a new pre-made Minecraft map that recreates a scaled-down portion of Skyrim’s game world.

Completing Minecraft‘s transformation to the Elder Scrolls setting, the Skyrim Mash-up Pack also brings a new user-interface to the sandbox creation title that features the official Skyrim logo. Additionally, the DLC also adds over 20 pieces from the original Skyrim soundtrack to Minecraft. While new textures help the add-on make Minecraft look like Skyrim, featuring the Elder Scrolls’ musical score ensures that Minecraft also sounds like Skyrim.

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The release of the Minecraft: Skyrim Mash-up Pack on the Playstation Network isn’t the only new DLC that Playstation owners are getting this week. 4J Studios also announced on their official Twitter account that a free Minecraft Birthday Skin Pack is now available to download to commemorate the first anniversary since the release of the Playstation edition of Minecraft.

Playstation fans will also soon be receiving a new holiday-themed Festive Mash-up Pack that turns Minecraft‘s blocky world into a Christmas wonderland. The add-on released on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of Minecraft earlier this month. As the Inquisitr reported at the time of the mash-up pack’s launch on Xbox platforms, the developer confirmed that the holiday Minecraft DLC would also be releasing soon on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

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