Abdul With Cowell? Ex-AI Host Says There Was Sexual Tension With Paula

Last night, former American Idol host and professional hater Simon Cowell dished the dirt to Barbara Walters on her 10 Most Fascinating People special, telling Baba some never-before-gossiped tidbits about his relationship with former co-host Paula Abdul.

If you thought watching the early episodes of Idol that the two music industry pals were keen on getting in-between the sheets together, it turns out you may not have been that far off the mark. Cowell and Abdul played off one another well within the show’s format, with Cowell acting as somewhat of a bad cop and Abdul softening the blow for truly terrible performances. When a more talented contestant surfaced, Abdul’s gushing was tempered by Cowell’s more quiet praise, and the interplay between the hosts became an integral part of the first few seasons of American Idol.

However, Simon also admits that he and Paula did not get on very well at the start of the Idol franchise- he says rather:

“We didn’t like each other in the beginning… I think it was sexual tension- on her part.”

Walters shot back:

“That [Abdul] really wanted you?”

Cowell smugly replies that Abdul indeed “wanted him,” “a million percent,” to which Barbara queries:

“What happened? Did you want her?”

Simon then admits he did entertain the idea of entertaining Paula, but that the aftermath was enough to put him off for good. He explains:

“I considered it… But then I thought, I don’t think the after would be as good as before… I’d let her stay for a few hours, but then it would have to be, ‘Good night.'”

He adds:

“If you’re watching Paula, it is true!”

Did you notice any UST between Abdul and Cowell?

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