'Destiny' Iron Banner Returns, What You Need To Know

Bungie flipped the switch on the Iron Banner multiplayer event in Destiny for the third time Tuesday. While the event is not dramatically different from the re-worked second event, there are some things PlayStation and Xbox owners should be aware of now that The Dark Below expansion is out with its changes to armor and weapons.

When Does It Run?

This Iron Banner event started Tuesday, December 16 at 4 a.m. ET and will last until December 22 at 4 a.m. ET.

What Modes and Maps Are Supported?

As before, the only game mode available in Iron Banner is Control on all the familiar maps.

Destiny Iron Banner Power (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, XBox 360)

Does Gear and Level Still Matter?

Yes. You need to be at least level 20 to get into the Iron Banner or have a level 20 fireteam leader bring you along for the ride. Realistically, you can expect to see many more level 30 players since the changes brought with The Dark Below and plenty of level 31 players too.

You need to be within three light levels of another player to do some real damage. Bring your most powerful weapons and armor.

Is Dark Below required?

No, The Dark Below expansion is not required. No maps from the DLC will be included in this Iron Banner event. There appears to be some kind of glitch in the menus that gives that impression though.

Your Standing Has Been Reset? There appears to be a typo on Bungie's Iron Banner page. The developer announced prior to Iron Banner 2.0 that rank would be reset for the third event and that was the case. This was later confirmed in the Weekly Update last week. You will start the Iron Banner with a reputation of zero and can max out at level 5.Equip Your Iron Banner Items

If you still have the Iron Banner emblem, shader, and class item, go ahead and equip them for the 10 percent experience and reputation boost on each item, which does stack. If you don't have any Iron Banner items yet, purchase the Emblem from Lord Saladin as soon as you reach Rank so that you can get the bonus experience points.

Name TypeCostIB Rank
Sigil of the Iron LordsEmblem2400 Glimmer1
Million MillionArmor Shader7500 Glimmer2
Scar of RadegastEmblem2400 Glimmer3
Mantle of GhelonHunter Class Item4500 Glimmer4
Skorri's Iron Bond Warlock Class Item4500 Glimmer4
GoldspiralArmor Shader7500 Glimmer5
Purchase the Tempered Buff

Lord Saladin sells a Tempered Buff for one Mote of Lite. The buff lasts for 12 hours and gives an experience and reputation boost in Iron Banner. As the week progresses, the boost will increase. Additionally, a new buff can be purchased every 12 hours.

Here's the progression that the Tempered Buff should follow based on the last Iron Banner

  • Tuesday: +10 percent
  • Wednesday: +15 percent
  • Thursday: +25 percent
  • Friday: +40 percent
  • Saturday: +60 percent
  • Sunday: +85 percent
  • Monday: +115 percent
Pro tip: Complete the Weekly Nightfall first for an even greater experience boost. The Nightfall boost will not help Iron Banner reputation though.

Iron Banner Weapons

Iron Banner features new weapons at the new 331 attack level introduced with The Dark Below. Here is what is being sold by Lord Saladin.

NameTypeMax AttackPerk 1 Perk 2CostIB Rank
Efrideet's SpearSniper Rifle (Solar)331Precision kills cause target to explode.More ammo drops for this weapon.11,500 G4
Silimar's WrathAuto Rifle331Bottom half of magazine causes additional damage.Increased stability.11,500 G5

Destiny Iron Banner Armor (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Iron Banner Armor

Here is the armor that is being sold by Lord Saladin. Note that they are at the new light levels that will help get you to level 31 when combined with an Exotic piece that is also at the new light levels. Do not breakdown any of these armor items, as you will not receive an Ascendant Shard.

NameMax DefenseMax LightMax Attribute 1Max Attribute 2PerkCost/IB Rank
Iron Regalia Boots30933Intellect – 73Strength – 71Carry more Auto Rifle ammo9,950 G /Rank 3
Iron Regalia Boots30933Intellect – 66Discipline – 71Carry more Scout Rifle ammo.9,950 G /Rank 3
Iron Regalia Gloves34733Intellect – 53Discipline – 48Increase Reload Speed with Auto Rifles.Melee reduces grenade cooldown.9,950 G /Rank 4
Iron Regalia Gloves34733Intellect – 48Discipline – 52Increase Reload Speed with Auto Rifles.Melee reduces grenade cooldown.9,950 G /Rank 4

Destiny Iron Banner Bounties

Iron Banner Bounties

The daily bounties for Iron Banner remain unchanged from the previous event. They are given by Lord Saladin and returned to him as well. Be sure to have the Tempered Buff active when turning them in.

Remember that Crucible bounties can be completed in Iron Banner too. So, you'll want to pick those up to advance your reputation with the different factions (as long as you equip their class item) and gain additional experience as well.

Bounty Name DescriptionIB RepExperience
Hard ForgedEarn 10,000 XP while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.+100+5000
Iron EmbraceDefeat 10 Guardians with a close quarters Melee attack while competing in the Iron Banner.+100+5000
Iron WrathDefeat 10 Guardians without dying while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.+100+5000
Focused AggressionDefeat 20 Guardians with Auto Rifle headshots while competing in the Iron Banner.+100+5000
Exacting MeasuresEarn 5 Headshot Sprees while competing in the Iron Banner.+100+5000
The Chaos and the CalmDefeat 10 Guardians with Machine Gun headshots while competing in the Iron Banner.+100+5000

Destiny Iron Banner Reforging (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)


You can reforge your Iron Banner weapons with Lord Saladin to get better stats and perks in exchange for Motes of Light. Note though that this will not increase the items light level or attack level. It will also reset the progress of the weapon.

Iron Medallions

You will receive an Iron Medallion for each match you lose in Iron Banner. You can carry up to five at a time in your inventory. These will be redeemed automatically after your next win for Iron Banner reputation.

If you still have Medallions left over after the Iron Banner 2.0 event, hold on to them. They can still be redeemed. Also, don't discard your medallions after this event.

Good Luck!

Do you have any Iron Banner tips you want to share? Please post them in the comments below!

[Images via Bungie, ZRSGamingHD YouTube Channel]