Sara Leal: Ashton Kutcher Affair Ruined My Life

Ashton Kutcher mistress Sara Leal is speaking out about being the “other woman” in Ashton’s life during his marriage to Demi Moore and she says the alleged fling at a California hotel is ruining her life.

According to Leal in an interview with US Weekly:

“I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It might have seemed like I was asking for it, but I wasn’t.”

She went on to add:

“I don’t watch television and I read very few magazines. It never crossed my mind that he was married. But then he said he was separated, which still doesn’’t make things okay, but I wasn’t thinking clearly. He was a good looking guy and it was stupid. When people say to me ‘I can’’t believe you did that’ I want to say back that most 22-year-old girls in my position would have done the same thing.”

Leal also reveals that after the affair was made public her own father refused to talk to her and she began receiving some very disturbing phone calls, even from some of her friends’ parents.

Leal has since been fired from her job (she started working again three weeks ago) and her roommate and now former best friend will no longer talk to her, forcing Leal to move out of her shared apartment.

Is anyone buying the entire “I didn’t know he wasn’t married” line? After all it was rather hard to miss even for someone who doesn’t watch TV or read magazines.