WWE News: Former WWE Superstar Bully Ray Set To Make WWE Return Soon?

Although it appeared to be highly unlikely, former WWE Superstar Bully Ray could be coming back to WWE soon. Known as Bubba Ray Dudley in WWE, Bully Ray went to TNA Wrestling after he and D-Von Dudley were let go by WWE nearly a decade ago. They arrived to major fanfare in TNA and were the company’s top tag team until they both went on to their respective singles careers that saw Bully Ray win the TNA World Title on two occasions. Both were inducted in the TNA Hall of Fame this past year, but it appeared that both were done with TNA after.

D-Von only signed on with TNA until Bound for Glory was over, while Bully let his contract expire about a month before. He was able to work out a short-term deal to appear for a little while, but both men appeared to be done. It was speculated that Bully Ray would be back with TNA this January when they start on their new network, Destination America. However, that may be unlikely.

Bully posted on Twitter Sunday night that he happened to be in Cleveland, Ohio. It appeared that D-Von was also with him as well. This was where WWE TLC was also taking place, leading to a lot of speculation online that Bully Ray was meeting with WWE officials to talk about a potential contract. There was even a thought he might appear at the show last night. While Bully Ray could be negotiating a deal to simply appear at the Royal Rumble, he and D-Von could do something similar to what The New Age Outlaws did last year.

Road Dogg and Billy Gunn were part of WWE storylines for a few months and even held the WWE Tag-Team Titles before losing them to the Usos.

It is certainly a thought that the two could be part of the Royal Rumble, as it takes place in Philadelphia, a town the Dudleys know quite well.

Ray D-Von

Even while he was TNA World Champion, Bully Ray claimed that if Vince McMahon called and wanted him back he would be there in a heartbeat. Ray is probably in the best shape of his life right now and has proven he can be a major singles worker for WWE. WWE needs good wrestlers to help enhance younger talent. WWE’s tag-team scene could also use a shot in the arm. It would make a lot of sense to see The Dudleys or Bully Ray back in WWE.

Ray also spoke with Journey of a Frontman and spoke about a WWE return.

“If I were to go back to WWE either as Bully Ray by myself, or to finish out my career with D-Von as Team 3D, I think both things could work. I think the fans, first and foremost, want to see it. They have been very active on Twitter and social media saying “We want Bully Ray in WWE” or “We want Team 3D back in WWE”. Like I said, if it’s right, maybe it’ll happen. But if it didn’t, I still go out with a huge smile on my face. I tweeted last week that “I’m the 1 who can defeat the 1 who put the 1 in 21-1.” I’m confident in my ability in the ring and I’m confident in my ability on the mic. So from a physical standpoint, Bully versus Brock [Lesnar] would be very interesting. And a verbal battle on the microphone, could you imagine Bully Ray and Paul Heyman?”

If Bully Ray were to come back to WWE, most would expect him to not come alone. So it seems D-Von would be part of the return potentially. Regardless, Bully Ray is a great talent that WWE could use for a variety of things.

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