WWE News: WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Expected To Be Back In The Next Two Months

Joe Burgett - Author

Dec. 15 2014, Updated 6:36 a.m. ET

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan has been out of action since the summer. However, there is some speculation lately that he could make a comeback to WWE very soon. Bryan was backstage at WWE RAW this past week for the Slammy Awards. Many assumed that both he and Roman Reigns were present to accept the WWE Superstar of the Year award, depending on who won. The results were legitimate, so WWE had no idea originally who would win. Many were surprised by the results, but Reigns did in fact get the most votes.

Bryan was also backstage at WWE TLC. This was seen as weird by most online, as Bryan has no need to be at the event, other than seeing his wife Brie Bella, who was present at the PPV but was not wrestling or doing anything of significance.

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There has been a lot of rumors and speculation going around that Daniel Bryan could be returning to WWE soon, and word going around behind-the-scenes at WWE is that the company expecting him back at some point within the next two months. There was word that he needed to have yet another surgery months ago, this time one on the UCL in his arm. The surgery to repair such an area, called Tommy John Surgery, takes around six months to recover from on a minimum basis. A lot of people take nine months to recover.

Bryan has been doing physical therapy and everything the doctors have recommended in order to avoid surgery. However, it seemed moronic that he continued to avoid surgery when he could have gotten it already and returned much faster. There is some thought that Bryan never needed the surgery, and WWE wanted to just keep him out as long as they did so that he could make a more impactful return. It wouldn’t be the first time WWE has done so.

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Bryan has been back to TV already as the interim General Manager, which seemed like a good role for him at the time. It can be speculated that Bryan has been with WWE far too much to think something is not up involving a return. We could imagine that WWE would want to make Bryan’s return a big deal. This is also WrestleMania season. It makes total sense to think that Bryan could make a return to the ring in time for a match at the show of shows.

Between the random backstage appearances to the TV event, as well as the move to not get surgery when he could have done so 3 months ago… it just seems like something is up. What is also key to the speculation is that Bryan claimed himself that he and WWE were eyeing a Royal Rumble return time months ago. Of course, this was before the rumored surgery was set to take place. Either way, all the current facts lead us to Bryan making a return soon.

The downside possibility is that Bryan could still return, but not to day-to-day competition. Rather, he could be a permanent GM or even be part of the announce team. CM Punk did something similar during a time he was hurt years ago. It went over very well. It also allowed CM Punk to not be forgotten while he recovered. For now, we have to take the Daniel Bryan return speculation as a rumor, as nothing has been proven yet regardless of the signs pointing to it. However, most WWE news tends to be that way before it comes about. The only thing we know for sure is that WWE is pushing to get him back as soon as possible.

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