Top 250 musicians on Facebook grab over 2B likes [Infographic]

Once upon a time there was a social networking site called Myspace and it was home to all kinds of musicians. From the up and comers to the established acts, they all called Myspace home, until the evil spawn known as Facebook entered the scene and started attracting musicians like the Pied Piper called the rats.

Now Facebook is the center point of the universe for musicians as they lovingly interact with their faithful fans, well some do anyway. So with over 800 million users and with 89 percent of top musicians calling it home one has to wonder if the arrangement has been a mutually beneficial one or not.

Well that is what RootMusic, makers of the BandPage app for Facebook, set out to find, and low ‘n’ behold the numbers are looking pretty good. Of the 250 different musicians using their app RootMusic has been able to total up that these musicians have collectively seen over two billion Likes through Facebook.

Along with that information and some other data that they’ve been able to collect RootMusic put together this infographic showing how musicians have been using Facebook.

via VentureBeat