New Round Of Sony Email Leaks Reveal Willow And Jaden Smith Insult, Leonardo DiCaprio Called ‘Despicable’

The continuous round of Sony email leaks are proving to be an endless amount of fodder for everyday folks to see the inner workings of Hollywood. As reported by the Inquisitr, recent rounds of Sony email leaks have revealed that Beyoncé’s dad approached Sony executives for a Destiny’s Child biopic and a Kanye West employee pitched a Kanye film to Sony.

Sony has sent threatening letters to various news outlets, as hackers have promised a “Christmas Gift” that doesn’t specify the exact nature of the upcoming leaks planned.

Meanwhile, Variety reports that the leaked Sony emails reveal the reaction to the brouhaha that happened when Leonardo DiCaprio was initially cast to star as Steve Jobs, but eventually turned down the Aaron Sorkin movie that is set to hit theaters in the future.

Amy Pascal and Mark Gordon, producer of the Jobs film, had an interesting exchange revealed via the leaked Sony emails regarding DiCaprio’s decision to drop out of the movie.

“Horrible behavior.”

That’s what producer Mark Gordon called DiCaprio’s choice not to do the movie.

“Actually despicable.”

That’s what Amy Pascal wrote back, claiming that DiCaprio’s decision to drop out of the Apple biopic was not based on money, at least according to the Sony Pictures co-chairman.

According to Variety, Will Smith’s children were not safe from insults discovered via the leaked emails. Willow and Jaden Smith were discussed by the head of TriStar productions, Tom Rothman, who emailed Sony Pictures Entertainment president Doug Belgrad in reaction to the much-maligned Willow and Jaden Smith T Magazine interview that was roundly called weird by plenty of people who read their interview responses.

“1. Read this.”

“2. they r home schooled: don’t let this family date your movies!!!”

It wasn’t merely human reactions to upcoming movies or actors via leaked Sony emails that made headlines. Producers of the James Bond movie called Spectre say that an early version of the screenplay was also stolen in the Sony hack, reports the Hollywood Reporter. The Bond movie producers worry that others might publish the stolen script.

The Daily Beast claims that they have spent plenty of time pouring over the leaked Sony emails, and therefore that’s how they are able to reveal the revelations that Jennifer Lawrence was paid less than her male American Hustle costars. Additional leaked Sony emails unveiled Sony executives making fun of American Hustle filmmaker David O. Russell for reportedly acting inappropriately with his transgender niece and haranguing Sally Field.