Men in Black 3 Trailer – Get It Here [Video]

A trailer for Men in Black 3 just hit the web, TV, and the PlayStation Network – such is the advantage of being a movie made by Sony Pictures. This generous two-minute set of clips arrives almost six months before the blockbuster hits theaters on May 25, 2012.

Will Smith’s Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K are, predictably, the stars of the trailer. The storyline will involve Smith’s J traveling back in time to meet the younger K. Gizmos and swoopy hi-tech effects take center stage, and it’s already easy to see where the 3D will be slotted in. Alas, there’s no sighting of the wonderful Jemaine Clement – the former Conchord plays baddie Boris.

Josh Brolin will also star in the flick (he plays the younger Agent K), which is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and written by Ethan Cohen. Chairman of Sony Picture Worldwide Marketing and Distribution Jeff Blake said:

“Everyone at Sony felt that this was a fun and unique opportunity to marshal our forces in an unprecedented way, and it’s exciting to see the entire group of companies flex its marketing muscle in unison. We believe it gives this trailer launch a distinct, compelling and significant impact with moviegoers around the world.”

Aaaaaand here’s the bit you scrolled past all of that text for – the trailer itself: