Spoiler Alert: Grey’s Anatomy To Introduce New Controversial Character After Winter Finale Break

Shonda Rhimes and her writers are not afraid of controversy, and they have met it head on throughout the 11 seasons that Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air.

Popular characters have been killed off, namely Doctors George O’Malley, Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan.

The hospital has had its fair share of emergencies with a bomb in a patient, a mass shooting, a plane crash and a super storm. However, the most controversial storyline may be about to unfold with the introduction of a transgender character.

Rhimes is an LGBT advocate, and the show has introduced characters who have discovered their bisexuality –Dr. Callie Torres– and the show introduced one of the first openly lesbian characters on primetime television in Dr. Arizona Robbins. Then, Rhimes had the first same-sex wedding depicted on television when Torres and Robbins married. And don’t forget that Robbins became an amputee after the plane crash.

Now, as reported by BreatheCast.com, Rhimes and her writing staff is filling out the “T” in LGBT by introducing Travis to Grey-Sloan Hospital,. Travis is a man transitioning to a woman. He will be introduced in episode 9, which will air on January 29 when the series returns from its winter hiatus.

Christian Today reported that Travis will become close to another of the Grey-Sloan Memorial family, but who it is remains to be seen. The details about Travis are being closely guarded, and there has yet to be an announcement of who has been cast to play the new character.

When Grey’s Anatomy returns, the baby storyline for April Kepner and Jackson Avery will continue to play a large role throughout the rest of the season. During the last episode, “Risk,” Jackson accidentally overheard two of the doctors discussing the baby, but he doesn’t know what is wrong with his child yet.

Another storyline that will take prominence is Dr. Herman’s tumor. Her protege, Dr. Robbins, had Dr. Amelia Shepard review the fetal surgeon’s medical records, and Shepard declared that she could remove the tumor, which had been previously diagnosed as inoperable. However, how Robbins and Shepard will break the news to the older doctor will provide some drama, and a bit of comedy, throughout the second half of the season.

To refresh your memory of what happened in the last episode, the Inquisitr revealed episode 8 spoilers that can give viewers a good refresher course before the next episode airs.

Tell us what you think of the new storyline and the possibilities for the character Travis. Is it a story you want to see or are you anticipating the continuation of another one of the current stories? Use the comment section below to give us your opinion.

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