Danica Patrick Might Get To Be A Real Doll Next Year

Christmas, 2014 hasn’t come yet this year, but toymakers are already talking about what could be the hottest doll of the year for Christmas, 2015, a Danica Patrick doll. According to NBC Sports, the Danica doll would part of a series of NASCAR inspired dolls that are being planned by the Madame Alexander Doll Company.

Patrick may get to lend her input into the dolls, which are tentatively scheduled to be release next fall, right in time for Christmas. The company president, Gale Jarvis, is excited about the line and about working with Patrick.

“Designing NASCAR-themed dolls for girls to play with is a fun and engaging way for young girls to become even more fascinated with a sport that empowers a new generation of women and that is one of the largest spectator sports in America. Partnering with Danica Patrick is exciting for us. She is one of the most successful and well-known women in the history of racing and a well-known female superstar.”

Although there is no guarantee that a Danica doll would be made, it would only make since for the company to design one as she is one of the most popular drivers on the NASCAR circuit. A Danica doll could certainly give Barbie, and her convertible, a run for her money.

Patrick has mentioned before that designing is something she would be interested in once she retires from racing and getting involved with designing the NASCAR dolls could help her get a foot in the door of the designing world. As reported by CNBC, Patrick already has her name on a line of sunglasses made by Revo.

Along with helping to design the NASCAR dolls, Patrick will be appearing in her 14th consecutive Super Bowl ad for her racing sponsor, GoDaddy. The company is getting away from their more racy ads, for which boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. is probably grateful. The Inquisitr reported on the pair dating earlier this year.

Patrick’s new co-star for this year’s GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial will be Buddy, a puppy who was named by Patrick’s fans on Facebook. The website hosting company is trying to take their advertising in a new direction and foregoing the tantalizing ads starring the former openwheel driver.

With the GoDaddy ads, her sponsors and now this new opportunity to help launch a line of new dolls, the business of being Danica Patrick is just as successful as it always has been. Now, if only she could be more successful behind the wheel.

[Image via Parade.com]

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