Scott Stapp Made Obama Threat: Former Creed Frontman Facing Action From Secret Service

Fresh from a mental health facility, Scott Stapp made an Obama threat in late November. That’s what his wife, Jaclyn, claimed while making a 911 call telling the dispatcher that the former Creed frontman was in the throes of a serious psychotic episode.

“He thinks he’s part of the CIA. He thinks they’re trying to kill him and he has a bunch of paperwork in his backpack that says he’s a CIA agent and he was supposed to assassinate Obama.”

During the course of the call to 911, Stapp’s wife, Jaclyn, and his sister-in-law begged police to return the troubled singer to the psych ward ASAP. They told the dispatcher that he had printed somewhere between 400 and 600 pages of CIA documents that he’d found online, then placed them in a bag before fleeing on his bike.

While police were responding to the first call to 911, Scott Stapp made an emergency call of his own, saying that he was riding his bike because his wife had stolen his vehicle. When police arrived, Stapp said that Jaclyn had stolen $6 million of his money, and alleged that was the reason she wanted him taken into custody. Because Scott didn’t seem like a threat to anyone, police made the decision not to place him on a psych hold.

According to the Huffington Post, Stapp made the Obama death threat after lamenting his financial situation in a video he posted on Facebook. His wife had filed for divorce two weeks prior to the threat being made, claiming his drug use had changed him.

“He’s a paranoid shell who has threatened to kill himself and harm his family.”

Jaclyn has also filed legal documents attempting to get Stapp placed on a 60-day psychiatric hold because of complications related to drug abuse, but Scott says he’s drug free. So, what made him place an alleged threat on President Obama? Huffington Post’s report says he had been angry with Obama, as well as the IRS.

“In 2012, I was doing a promotional tour for my book ‘Sinner’s Creed,’ and went on Fox News and expressed a little concern and disappointment with President Obama. Within two months of that public statement, that’s when the IRS began to freeze my accounts.”

Stapp went on to say that “I believe that the IRS situation is definitely a result of me expressing my dissatisfaction with President Obama. Absolutely, 100 percent.”

Stapp’s troubles are far from over. The Secret Service, which is responsible for investigating every threat made against Obama, is looking into the incident. Secret Service spokesperson Nicole Mainor told People Magazine that

“We are aware and we’ll take appropriate action.

In the video made before the alleged Obama threat, Stapp says he is broke, living in a Holiday Inn, and is “under some kind of pretty vicious attack.”

TMZ obtained a copy of the 40-minute call to 911 during which the report of the Obama threat was made.

[Image courtesy of Next Celebrities]