Vladmir Putin’s Tiger Filmed Eating Dog [Video]

A siberian tiger released into the wild by Russian President Vladimir Putin has been caught on infrared camera eating a domestic dog in China. The tiger, named Kuzya, was caught on camera wearing a tracking device around his neck, before disappearing from the view of the camera.

In May, Vladimir Putin released three tigers from a wildlife center in eastern Russia’s Amur region. The tiger cubs were found starving in a forest two years ago and were rescued and taught to hunt before being released back into the wild.

The tiger has been accused for killing goats and other livestock on farms in China. These claims were denied by Yevgeny Simonov, coordinator of the international coalition Rivers Without Borders, who said: “Only dung and remains of boars that he killed have been found. Also, Kuzya did not eat any cow, dog or human.”

Previously, it was reported that another tiger that was released, Ustin, had become a problem for goat farmers in the region where the Chinese government has cautioned people not to throw food at the tigers if they see one.

Reports say Kuzya has now crossed back into Russia.

The State Forestry Administration’s Feline Research Center, Zhang Minghai, said Kuzya is likely to visit China again as it designating his ‘territory’ by marking the area with urine, state news agency Xinhua reported.

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[Image via alexi nikolsky/AFP]