Three-Year-Old Video Of ‘New Girl’ Star Max Greenfield Dancing To Rihanna Goes Viral After Co-Star Zooey Deschanel Posts It

Leave it to a bigger co-star to turn an actor’s long-forgotten video into a viral sensation: A video of New Girl star Max Greenfield – posted three years ago and quickly forgotten – has gained new life thanks to co-star Zooey Deschanel posting it.

If you’re a fan of New Girl, you may recall that Max Greenfield, who plays roommate Schmidt, sometimes wears a so-called “fat suit” for flashbacks to Schmidt’s days as an overweight slob. Apparently bored during filming one day in 2011, Greenfield-as-Schmidt, wearing the fat suit, filmed a video of himself lip-syncing Rihanna’s “We Found Love.” He posted it on YouTube, where everybody thoroughly ignored it. YouTube even took it down, the Huffington Post reports.

However, for reasons known only to Zooey Deschanel, she dug it up and posted it on her own website, Hello Giggles, where it’s since gone viral.

“My new girl co-star, Max Greenfield, made this video of himself singing Rihanna whilst wearing prosthetic makeup and a whole lot of padding. The result is indescribable. Enjoy.”

Not everybody is impressed with Max Greenfield/Fat Schmidt getting his Rihanna on, however. YouTube commenter sjg377 doesn’t think the fat suit is particularly funny.

“Yeah we get it. Fat people are funny, let’s all laugh at fat people. If he did this without the fat suit it would just be stupid. This is one of the reasons why I stopped watching New Girl (that, and the humor and characters are annoying). Why doesn’t Max Greenfield actually eat pizza and donuts and sit on the couch for 8 months, then let’s see how funny it is. This is cheap, lowbrow humor, for dumb people, who probably think if Jonah Hill lost 100 pounds he wouldn’t be entertaining anymore. Makes me sick. “

However, Buzzfeed reader Michelle Mulligan saw the humor in it.

“P.S. No, it’s not funny because he’s fat. It’s funny because he’s Schmidt. If you don’t know the show, please keep your asinine comments to yourself, let’s not get butthurt, MKAY pumpkin?! It’s not that serious.”

It’s unclear if Max Greenfield has posted any more lip-syncing videos, Rihanna or otherwise, while wearing the Fat Schmidt suit.

[Image courtesy of: Buzzfeed]