Lizard Squad Caught, Out-Hacked By Finest Squad? PSN, Xbox Live Hackers May Be Gone

David Cornell - Author

Sep. 13 2017, Updated 3:38 a.m. ET

Has Lizard Squad been caught? According to recent tweets from a different hacker group known as Finest Squad, the group which took down the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on several occasions with DDoS attacks will not bother anyone again.

The notorious hackers were also the ones who allegedly caused a flight to be grounded after they tweeted a fake bomb threat, and made themselves targets for the FBI.

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Finest Squad took to Twitter this past week to post their own heroic efforts to lay down some justice on Lizard Squad, telling everyone they officially have the hacker group’s IP addresses and will block all further server attacks. If this is true, it could mean gamers everywhere can breathe easy knowing that the recent threats to take down PSN, Xbox Live,, and other services on Christmas Day won’t happen with Lizard Squad arrested.

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It is unknown yet if these new counter-hackers are telling us the truth, or if they may simply be a clever rebirth of the techno-terrorists. They could even be a secret law enforcement group created with the initial task of getting the Lizard Squad caught, hence “finest.” We only know that they showed up shortly before the Lizard Squad hackers were allegedly “removed” and “dropped.”

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There is still an alleged Lizard Squad Twitter under another handle (which cannot be stated here to to its vulgarity), supposedly planning another DDoS attack on Seal Team Six for killing the notorious terrorist Osama Bin Laden. It’s unclear how serious they are, considering other things they’re claiming to take on, such as First Lady Michelle Obama’s lady parts.

According to the Finest Squad’s website, they are helping law enforcement in their efforts to get Lizard Squad arrested. For more information on their supposed agenda, click here, and you might want to use headphones due to the embedded music.

With the news of Lizard Squad caught, exposed, and hopefully arrested, gamers everywhere may just have nothing to worry about from the notorious hackers. Hopefully the Lizard Squad DDoS attack trend is over.

If Finest Squad is what they claim to be, and the criminal hacker group’s activities have ended, gamers everywhere owe them a debt of gratitude. If you’re playing your PS4 or Xbox One online this Christmas, be sure to send this new group your thanks for getting Lizard Squad caught.


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