One Directions Zayn Malik Is Firmly On The Naughty Step Again

As Zayn Malik and his bandmates from One Direction were preparing to go onstage at the star studded inaugural BBC Music Awards, Malik was caught on camera by Now Daily’s Gossip Cam. Malik may only be 21, but surely it can’t have escaped his notice that there has been a ban on smoking in indoor public spaces since since July 1, 2007.

In a week where the gossip columns have been fixed on Zayn’s new hairstyle, he was spotted having a cheeky cigarette backstage whilst surrounded by a legion of stylists, hairdressers, and a massive security team. Whilst lesser lights were ushered outside into the London rain if they wanted to smoke, Malik and 1D bandmate Louis Tomlinson simply lit up inside in defiance of the rules. Presumably, Malik and his mates are now so big that the venue security dared not ask them to stub it out.

The fact that Malik and Tomlinson were caught on camera in this way really does highlight how difficult it must be for the world’s most popular boy band to live life in the spotlight like this. Zayn seems to be feeling the pressure more than his band mates. Last month, the Daily Mail reported that Malik had been upset by rumors that his absence from a number of interviews were a result of substance abuse, an allegation Malik firmly denies. The rumors, however, have been rife since a video emerged in May which purportedly showed Malik and Tomlinson smoking pot during a trip to Peru.

On a happier note for Malik, the Daily Mirror reported earlier in the week that he and The Only Way is Essex star Jasmin Walia were named as Britain’s sexiest Asian stars.

The pair were named king and queen of the Brit scene with more than 10 million votes cast in the worldwide poll. TV star Jasmin, 24, debuted in the women’s top 50, charting at number 32. Zayn, 21, made the top 10 of sexiest Asian men in the world, coming in at number nine with only established Bollywood names higher than the Bradford-born singer. Zayn and Jasmin were the highest-placed Brits in the poll run by UK-based Eastern Eye magazine.

It does seem though that the drugs rows, the constant media scrutiny, and life in the limelight is piling almost unbearable pressure on Malik. Recent reports have claimed that Zayn is looking gaunt and unhappy, and that he is fed up with fame. When it gets to the stage where Zayn can’t even grab a sneaky smoke without being caught on film, is it any wonder he is sick of fame?

You have to wonder whether Zayn Malik will remain with One Direction for much longer — it’s not like he needs the money!