Jana Duggar And Cousin Amy Aren’t Fighting Over Tim Tebow — They’re Laughing About Him

Jana Duggar and cousin Amy Duggar are not vying for the heart of one of America’s most eligible virgins.

Amy recently responded to a tall tabloid tale that she and Jana Duggar are fighting over former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow. A Radar Online headline about the Duggar cousins reads, “Christmas Courtship? Amy Duggar Confirms Secret Chats With Jana About Tim Tebow!” This makes it sound like Amy and Jana are both interested in Tebow, and are giggling over him like two smitten schoolgirls. However, this simply isn’t the case.

Amy Duggar shared the Instagram photo below along with a response to the tabloid story.

“Looks like the tabloids are at it again! Jana and I laughed so hard about this, we’ve never even met Tim Tebow. #allsmilesnodrama”

Jana Duggar And Amy Duggar

The Tim Tebow rumors first surfaced in a report claiming that Jim Bob Duggar wanted to play matchmaker by setting daughter Jana up with the football star. The rumors likely stemmed from the photo below that was posted on the Duggar Family Facebook page. It shows 19 Kids and Counting stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar meeting with Tim Tebow’s mother Pam at a fundraiser.

Duggars And Pam Tebow

A previous Inquisitr report pointed out that Jana Duggar and Tim Tebow do have a lot in common — they were both raised in strict evangelical Christian households, they were both home schooled, they’re both remaining abstinent until marriage, and they’re both used to being in the public eye. However, a rep for Tebow had to go and dash the dreams of Jana Duggar fans who desperately want the oldest Duggar daughter to find love. According to Us Weekly, the rep revealed that Tim and Jana have never even met.

This is probably for the best because Tim Tebow doesn’t follow the Duggar’s strict courtship rules when it comes to dating — he was once spotted kissing ex-girlfriend Camilla Belle. Tim’s dating history might be why Amy Duggar quickly became the tabloids’ next target. She’s an ambitious country singer who doesn’t share the same views as Jana Duggar and her siblings when it comes to life and love, so she might be a better fit for the former football star. The Duggar cousin also posed for a photo with Pam Tebow.

“Had the greatest little chit chat today with Mrs. Pam Tebow! She has the sweetest heart!!”

Amy Duggar Tim Tebow Mother

However, Amy already has a man in her life, and there are photos of him splashed all over her Instagram page. You can see Amy and boyfriend Dillon King cuddling and kissing in the pictures below.

“Cold weather is not our favorite! #willywonkawannabe #ridiculousnight #howimetyourmothermarathon @kingdillpickle”

Amy Duggar Boyfriend

Dillon King shared the photo below.

“The best kind of kiss, is when you have to stop, because you can’t help but smile. @amyduggar #happy”

Amy Duggar Kiss

According to his Instagram page, Dillon King runs a water transfer printing company called Wet Ink Design. He appears to be a gun enthusiast and avid hunter.

Jana Duggar fans will likely be saddened to see another Duggar girl find love before Jana does. According to Radar Online, some 19 Kids and Counting viewers were upset that Jana recently took a backseat to her younger sisters during this season of the TLC show. They felt like Jana was a poor Cinderella who was forced to clean, sew, and care for her younger siblings, while Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard got to celebrate their freedom from Duggar household servitude by finding Prince Charmings to whisk them away.

During an interview with People, Jana Duggar talked about the fan chatter regarding her lack of a love life.

“We’ve always gotten different ones asking, ‘When is it going to be your turn? When is it your time?’ I just think for me I am just waiting and we’ll see. When God brings that one along it will be his timing.”

Do you think it’s hard for Jana Duggar to see her sisters and her cousin finding love before she does, or do you think that the 19 Kids and Counting star is staying single simply because she wants to?

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