WWE News: WWE NXT Star Finn Balor Will Use ‘War Paint’ On A Permanent Basis

Joe Burgett - Author

Dec. 12 2014, Updated 7:03 p.m. ET

If you haven’t seen WWE NXT: R Evolution, get the WWE Network if you haven’t already done so and watch it. To most, it has been the best pro-wrestling show of the year. In some respects, it has been the best WWE show in years. From top to bottom, nothing missed. It was literally NXT’s WrestleMania, and it was simply amazing. One of the major highlights of the show was Finn Balor.

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Balor came out in his trademark “war paint” to the surprise of The Ascension and all of the fans in attendance. Watching at home, I flipped out seeing it myself. Known as Prince Devitt in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Balor would use the paint at special events. He has been a variety of comic characters, from Carnage and Venom to the Joker. While it is expected that some of the characters he’d want to be could not be done due to copyright, WWE does have a good relationship with Warner Bros. They happen to own the TV and movie rights of DC Comics.

That said, we shouldn’t put a limit on what Finn Balor could actually do with the war paint.

Another cool thing is that, according to PWInsider, the war paint will be done on a permanent basis. It was assumed that WWE would have Balor do the paint at special events like PPVs or even major matches for RAW or SmackDown. Balor will be doing this weekly for TV. Obviously, we can’t expect him to go all out for live events, but who knows?

Due to people such as Goldust using face paint for years, it is not surprising to see WWE allowing Finn Balor to do something similar. What we have to wonder is, will the paint change every week? If it’s like Goldust, we may see new versions here and there… but things will remain the same.

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To some, this may be a bad idea. It is special to see Balor using it because it’s fresh and new for WWE. No one has gone to this extent with paint in WWE. Obviously fans will take to it quick, even casual fans who have no clue who he is outside of WWE. However, if done weekly, it loses the special nature it would normally carry. If done for PPVs or big events, the special nature stays around. You wonder who he will be every month. Yet when he does it every day or week, the paint becomes just another thing.

It is uncertain how WWE will do this once he moves up to the main roster. However, despite the paint, Finn Balor is very talented and well worth having in WWE. The war paint is awesome, and hopefully WWE will let him use some variety so that fans won’t get over it too quickly.

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