‘The Walking Dead’ Preview Teases Big Changes During ‘Dark’ And ‘Sad’ Second Half Of Season 5 [Video]

The Walking Dead isn’t going to give Rick’s group a break from the bleakness of the zombie apocalypse during the second half of Season 5.

The group will still be reeling from Beth’s death, and it doesn’t sound like their mental states will improve much by the season finale. In a preview for the next eight episodes of The Walking Dead, Tyreese actor Chad Coleman described what fans can expect.

“They’re going to go through even more hell.”

Co-executive producer Denise Huth described the episodes to come as “dark” and “sad,” which basically makes it sound like fans are going to get more of the same — it’s hard to get much darker than a scene that shows a group of cannibals eating a man’s foot right in front of him, and the deaths of Bob and Beth were heartbreaking.

The survivors are also without a place to rest their weary heads now that Father Gabriel’s church has been compromised, and they lost the small ray of hope that they had for a brighter future when Eugene revealed that he was lying about knowing how to stop the zombie virus.

The Walking Dead might continue to be just as depressing as ever as the survivors press on, but showrunner Scott M. Gimple revealed that there’s a big change coming their way.

“The back eight has very interesting structure. There are some very emotional moments, there are some very crazy moments, and there’s a huge change for the situation of these characters.”

Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln described where The Walking Dead is going as feeling “like a new show.”

You can check out the video preview for the second half of Season 5 below.

If you don’t want to read spoilers about where The Walking Dead might be going next, you should stop reading now.

Eventually the survivors will likely make it to a secure civilization from the comic books known as the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Many comic book readers would love for the show to introduce a sadistic villain named Negan soon after the survivors settle in there. However, as the Inquisitr previously reported, it’s unlikely that the baddie with a barbed wire-covered baseball bat will be bashing in any heads this season on The Walking Dead.

Once Rick’s group finds the Alexandria Safe-Zone, fans will get to meet some new characters. According to Moviepilot, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman confirmed that the show’s first gay male character will appear during the second half of the season, and it won’t be Daryl Dixon.

“In the next half of the season we’re going to be introducing a very prominent gay character from the comics.”

In the comics, Aaron works as a recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone. He might be the one who invites Rick’s group to come live in the sanctuary.

While the latter half of Season 5 will be bleak, there will be some lighter moments, and there might even be a sweet love story. During an interview with E! News, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd was asked if Walking Dead fans will be introduced to another cute couple in the near the future.

“There’s got to be! Of course they’re in the cards, I can’t say when they’ll happen though.”

American Horror Story: Murder House actress Alexandra Breckenridge is joining the cast of The Walking Dead during the second half of the season. According to Deadline, she’ll be playing “an attractive, strong, smart, charming and articulate woman who also has a vulnerable side.” Her character is also described as “a mother with a bohemian spirit, and a talented artist.” Perhaps she’ll bring out the softer side of a stationary, clean-shaven Rick Grimes.

Are you looking forward to the return of The Walking Dead on February 8, or do you think the show’s increasingly dark vibe is making it difficult to enjoy?

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