‘Game Of Thrones’ Compendium Seeks Submissions Of Art, Photos, And More From Fans

Game of Thrones fans, HBO wants you! The network is calling on Game of Thrones followers to submit art work, songs, recipes, costumes, and more for a new, official Game of Thrones compendium.

Rolling Stone says that the window for contributions opens on December 18 and closes on March 28 at midnight. Of course, there is a website connected to the compendium, which can be found at gameofthronescompendium.com. Like the ThreeEyedRaven site previously reported on by the Inquisitr, the home page for the compendium site is rather sparse. Game of Thrones fans will, however, find all the information they need to submit their work to HBO.

The Game of Thrones compendium site’s homepage features a countdown to the opening of submissions and two buttons. The first offers the details of the deal, while he second introduces Game of Thrones wannabe contributors to the people who will evaluate their submissions.

Visitors who click on “The Details” button will find a FAQ, which provides some basic information about eligibility (you have to live in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, or the U.K., and be at least 18-years-old). The FAQ also makes it clear that you don’t win anything — it’s not a contest. Those whose Game of Thrones inspired work is selected by the “Council of Editors” will become finalists. Those finalists whose work is selected to appear in the compendium will receive a copy of the book when it is published, with their names listed as contributors. A big plus for professional artists and writers who are Game of Thrones fans is that the creators will retain the rights to all submissions.

As anyone who has even casually looked at the show knows, Game Of Thrones features a lot of sex and violence. But anyone who is planning to offer a graphic rendering of Walder Frey’s slaughter of Robb Stark and his family, or who wants to produce an explicit version of Daenerys Targaryen’s wedding night with Khal Drogo, will be very disappointed. The submission guidelines for the Game of Thrones compendium says that submissions cannot “contain nudity or be profane or pornographic.” In addition, the guidelines say submissions “shall not be unnecessarily violent or graphic.”

The second link on the home page introduces visitors to the “Council of Editors.” The eight council members, who will be judging all submissions, come from a variety of backgrounds.

  • Gerald Brom — a graphic artist from Seattle
  • Arthur Chu — comedian, actor, and blogger from Cleveland
  • Tom Colicchio — head judge of Top Chef, professional chef, and author
  • Nina Garcia — creative director of Marie Claire magazine
  • Kevin Hatch — lead moderator of the “/r/GameOfThrones” subreddit on reddit.com
  • Greg Hildebrandt — artist, co-creator with his brother Tim, of an iconic series of Lord of the Rings calendars
  • Laura Hudson — freelance writer and editor who specializes in entertainment, from Portland, Oregon
  • Zack Luye — director and musician. He hosts the Game of Thrones podcast, Game of Owns

So get out your pens, pencils, and watercolors. Tune up your piano. Start creating your own Game of Thrones food and drink. Then get over to gameofthronescompendium.com, starting on December 18, and show the Council what you know about Westeros and the world of Game Of Thrones.

[Image via Writer Beware]