Creed Singer Scott Stapp Trying To Kill Obama, Family Cries To 911 [Audio]

Creed’s lead singer Scott Stapp had been absent from the public for several years when a video emerged late last month with a startling — and confusing — return. Scott revealed that he was homeless and living in a Holiday Inn, but the video grew especially bizarre when he said that a conspiracy involving the IRS and President Barack Obama had landed him there.

Stapp’s sudden reappearance has now grown even stranger. TMZ has released a 40-minute 911 call, where Scott’s wife, Jaclyn, pleads with an operator to send law enforcement to control her husband’s erratic behavior. Creed’s former frontman, who she says was recently released from a mental facility in Tallahassee, thinks he was supposed to kill Obama.

“He thinks he’s a part of the C.I.A, and he thinks that they are trying to kill him… He has a bunch if paperwork in his backpack that [says] he was a C.I.A. agent, and he was supposed to assassinate Obama… He’s on his bike with no shirt and two backpacks with C.I.A. and Central Intelligence documents.”

Scott’s wife continues to explain the gravity of the situation to the 911 dispatcher, saying that she’s doesn’t think she will ever able to save her husband alone. The Creed singer’s wife has now filed legal documents in order to secure a 60-day psych hold for Stapp.

“No, he’s also suffered from paranoid schizophrenia but then he self medicates, and he’s been in rehab about 8-10 times, and I stood by him because I know he’s ill, and I love him and I want him to get better. But I just need law enforcement to help, because that’s the only way that’s he’s going to stop — when he hits rock bottom.”

Jaclyn continues to explain to the operator that Scott is suffering from a long struggle with his mental disorder. Stapp’s wife also says that the condition has been worsened by recreational drug use, including “coke, weed, PCP and amphetamines,” according to TMZ. Scott himself denied allegations that he had been using drugs in his earlier video.

When the Creed singer came back inside, he made his own 911 call. Stapp claimed that his wife was trying to steal his car, something he managed to link to the declining condition of the United States.

“What gives her the right to confiscate my vehicle, sell it, and say she’s keeping the money… I can’t believe in America that someone can take your vehicle, sell it without your permission and keep the money. What kind of country do we live in?”

Do you think Creed singer Scott Stapp should be put on psych hold for saying he wants to kill Barack Obama?

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