WWE News: Dean Ambrose Dislikes The Current WWE Style

WWE superstar Dean Ambrose was Chris Jericho’s guest this week on Talk Is Jericho, and Ambrose had some pretty interesting things to say about how WWE operates, and how he wished that the current WWE roster had a lot more freedom to do what they want, instead of being overly scripted and produced.

Ambrose made it clear in the first part of his conversation with Jericho that he strongly dislikes scripted promos, and wishes WWE would just roll the cameras, maybe give their wrestlers a few bullet-points to hit during their promos, and let them be themselves.

The biggest complaint that Ambrose had was about the current WWE match style, and how every match is nearly the same these days. He compared his Hell in a Cell match with Seth Rollins to the other Hell in a Cell match that took place that night, which was John Cena vs. Randy Orton. Ambrose noted that his match with Rollins wasn’t wrestled in the typical WWE style, while Cena and Orton had a typical WWE main-event match.

“I wanted it to not feel like a WWE match. If you watch John [Cena] vs. Randy [Orton] on that show, it felt like a good WWE main-event. Finisher, counter, kick out, the same stuff. They’ve kind of created and popularized what the WWE main-event style is, I guess. But I wanted it to feel different, I wanted it to feel a little bit dirtier, and grungier, especially because it’s Hell in a Cell, it’s supposed to be an ugly thing. I want it to be ugly at certain points, like, a little bit uncomfortable. Like people are getting hurt right now. People aren’t smiling, or doing trademark things. Two dudes are just trying to kill each other right now, this is just a little bit uncomfortable. I just wanted to have a stripped-down feel. That was my vision for it.”

Ambrose then went on to talk about how he thinks that nobody should have a formula to a match, and that WWE should just let their wrestlers just go out and work their own style.

“I don’t think you should have a formula. That’s the thing, there’s a TV formula and a WWE formula, and there’s such a formula. I think the fans get conditioned to that formula, which probably makes it harder to shock them after a while, because they get the formula. I don’t know if any of my matches are any good, but I like people to think at any time that anything might happen, whether it makes any sense or not. I like to just throw something in that doesn’t make any sense on purpose, just because nobody sees it coming.

“If you watch enough wrestling and you’re watching a match, you can kind of tell what’s going to happen next almost all the time. You know the match isn’t going to end until Kofi [Kingston] has done his hand slap gimmick, or until John [Cena] does the Five Knuckle Shuffle. But in real fights, like in boxing or UFC, anything can happen at any time, a match could just end, a dude could grab his leg and break it.”

Further making his point on how not wrestling in the typical WWE style is great, Ambrose talked about how much he loved John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar back at SummerSlam, which was a match where John Cena got completely destroyed by Brock Lesnar, and nobody saw it coming.

“I loved it! Most top guys in history would be more willing to lose in two minutes rather than doing what John [Cena] did. I loved it. I was watching it from the box and it was very uncomfortable, and I loved it. I don’t know if people liked it, or if people had problems with it. I just thought it was so different, and so unexpected, I was like ‘That’s how you do it man!’ Because everybody was talking about it the next day. They didn’t go through the normal paces of the normal back and forth, because you’re going to see that anywhere. You can see that on the WWE Network and watch a million of those matches. You definitely went home that night, and when you were asked ‘What happened at SummerSlam?’ ‘Dude, he gave him sixteen German suplexes, it was ridiculous!'”

Ambrose’s thoughts about how WWE operates is something that a lot of WWE fans agree with, and are hoping that the current WWE style is changed at some point in the near future. However, it’s very unlikely that it will, no matter how many of WWE’s top stars want it to.

[Image via WWE]