Dimitri Diatchenko, Former ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Actor, Allegedly Killed And Ate Ex-Girlfriend’s Rabbit

Dimitri Diatchenko, an actor who previously appeared on Sons of Anarchy, has been charged with animal cruelty and threatening his former partner in an incident involving his ex-girlfriend’s rabbit. Diatchenko, who was seen on the Kurt Sutter show as a Russian gangster, is said to have made threats against his former girlfriend and used her rabbit as a way to terrorize her.

According to Fox News, Dimitri Diatchenko and his former girlfriend split a couple of months ago but they had continued to live together. She is said to have recently told him they should stop being roommates, and that is when the incident occurred. It seems that on December 7, when she was out of the house, Dimitri killed her rabbit.

The former Sons of Anarchy star then allegedly skinned the rabbit, cooked it and ate part of it. He also is said to have sent his ex-girlfriend photos of the incident at each step along the way. When she returned to the home, Diatchenko allegedly told her that he would do the same thing to her.

As Diatchenko’s IMDb page notes, he starred as one of the head Russian gang members in a couple of episodes of Sons of Anarchy in Season 4. He has had bit parts in a number of television shows and movies over nearly two decades, having shown up in General Hospital, How I Met Your Mother and Walker, Texas Ranger. He also appeared in episodes of Bones and Two Broke Girls earlier this year.

The Mirror notes that the Sons of Anarchy actor was charged and released on bail. Dimitri Diatchenko faces up to four years and eight months in prison if he is convicted. While the actor has not released an official statement regarding the allegations, it seems he may have vaguely addressed them via Twitter.

Diatchenko’s most recent tweet, coming in the hours after the allegations hit the media, simply says, “Not true.” At this point the former SOA actor isn’t getting any more specific than that but most would imagine the tweet is related to the charges and allegations. Dimitri was charged Tuesday with felony counts of making criminal threats and animal cruelty.

For now, fans of Dimitri Diatchenko will have to wait and see how the case proceeds and see if he says anything more specific about the allegations. The incident behind the Sons of Anarchy actor’s charges is certainly disturbing, and the district attorney’s office seems confident they will prevail with these charges.

[Image via Irish Mirror]