Kelly Ripa Reveals Ripped Abs Secrets, From SoulCycle To Low-Carb Diet [Video]

At 44, Kelly Ripa juggles a busy life. She has three children and a full-time career as a talk show host. But despite the demands of her personal and professional life, Ripa maintains her ripped abs by carving out time to work out almost daily, as well as eating clean on her low-carb diet, reported the Daily Mail.

Kelly is particularly devoted to high-intensity forms of fitness. She takes indoor cycling classes at SoulCycle, which is known for attracting celebrities because of the fat-blasting spin classes.

In addition, Ripa works out with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, who also trains Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, and Gwyneth Paltrow as the Inquisitr reported. Anderson focuses on dance cardio moves to help her clients burn calories while toning and strengthening.

Kelly combines those workouts with exercising with her own personal trainer, Anna Kaiser. At her studio, AKT In Motion, Kaiser teaches classes designed to shake off those pounds with vigorous workouts. Ripa and co-host Michael Strahan even made a video highlighting the moves below.

Kelly is careful about sticking to her low-carb diet and avoiding processed foods as much as possible.
"I eat a very clean diet. I have lots of vegetables, I eat protein."
Beauty expert Bobbi Brown interviewed Kelly for Yahoo and delved into the deep issue of Kelly's hair. How does the TV host manage to keep it so shiny and impeccably groomed? It takes a village, confessed Ripa.
"That's really the genius of Michelle Champagne and Diane D'Agostino, the tag team who have been doing my hair and makeup for 14 years. They are the masters. They do hair and makeup at the same time that I'm getting briefed."
But when she's not on set, Kelly focuses on convenience, rather than fussing with her luscious locks. She credits her hairstylist for creating a look that's easy to maintain.
"Ryan Trygstad at Sally Hershberger understands how I like to look and how I like to live my life. I don't want to spend 8 million hours doing my hair. So he cuts it in a way that allows me the freedom of like moving on with my day with the least work possible."
As for her other secrets to looking fabulous after 40? Ripa keeps it simple as well.
"I really don't put a ton of thought into it. It's everything you've read about or heard about in any diet book – don't eat too much cr*p, and I don't. If that's the secret, than that's the secret. And I'm very active, so I exercise everyday. My body is athletic."
To show off the results of all that work, Kelly tweeted the photo below flaunting her abs and the motivational slogan that keeps her going.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]