Ariana Grande Diva Demand: Must Be Carried ‘Like A Baby’ When Feeling Too Tired To Hoof It

Does Ariana Grande really demand to be carried around when she feels too exhausted from performing — or whatever she’s been doing — to walk around like everyone else? If a new tabloid report is to be believed, the diminutive pop chanteuse has reached new levels of diva-dom. But can this bizarre report about the 21-year-old “Break Free” singer really be on the level?

“Her new rule is that she has to be carried — literally carried like a baby — when she doesn’t feel like walking,” a supposed “source” confided to the gossip site Life & Style. “She says that she doesn’t want her precious feet to hit the floor.”

The “source” claimed to have personally witnessed Ariana Grande insist on being swept off her feet by members of her personal staff both at the shoot for her newest music video, and during the rehearsals for the recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, at which she was famously whacked in the face by a pair of angel wings sported by one of the Victoria’s Secret models.

“Everyone was stunned,” the alleged source declared. “Ariana is such a diva.”

Really? Could anyone, even Grande — whose full name is Ariana Grande-Butera — make such an outlandish demand on the people she pays to work for her?

Of course, this is not the first time that the former Sam & Cat star has been slapped with accusations of self-centered, narcissistic, and “diva” style behavior. In September, it was reported that, after signing autographs for an adoring crowd, she told one of her staff that she wished her fans would “all f****g die!”

In November, when she appeared at the BBC 1 Teen Awards, a report said that she demanded a flunkie follow her every move holding a bottle of water with a straw, instantly serving her every time she screamed, “Water!”

But undoubtedly, many of these tabloid reports are exaggerated, if not fabricated entirely. And that’s what the fact-checking site Gossip Cop says about the latest report of Ariana Grande demanding to be carried around “like a baby.”

“The tabloids’ pattern with these ‘diva’ stories is fairly predictable. Whenever a magazine brands a female star as ‘difficult’ or ‘demanding,’ other outlets race to accuse her of increasingly absurd alleged behavior,” Gossip Cop said. “Because readers have been told over and over how horrible and weird these women supposedly are, they’re more likely to believe these preposterous rumors.”

For the record, Gossip Cop said that it checked the report that Ariana Grande insists on being carried around and found that there was nothing to back it up.