Updated Basecamp App Is A Must

Due to recent improvements, Basecamp is a great tool for not just your desktops or laptops, but for your iPhones now, too.

The company, Basecamp, which was formerly known as 37signals, is a well known, long running company in the project management and organization business. Basecamp’s website touts its many achievements stating that it has become “the world’s #1 project management tool.” And the users of the updated app would probably agree.

When Basecamp first came out with their iPhone app over a year ago, users were less than impressed. According to the Industry, there were multiple issues making it difficult to add to discussions, create notifications, and update to-dos and comments. Their review went on to say things like the first version of Basecamp was “frustratingly difficult” and “it’s easy to lose yourself in the app.” They added that the “biggest issue with Basecamp for iPhone is a weak sense of navigation and structure.”

Basecamp must have listened, because their updated version has been getting excellent reviews. What’s so new about it? To-dos are a lot easier to work with. You can also create projects on your phone. Basecamp has also incorporated a new Today widget, which allows you to look at progress on your projects all in one place. And probably one of the best improvements is the ability to share photos, videos, and files to Basecamp from any other app.

So what are people saying about the new and improved Basecamp app? One App Store reviewer states that the “update has made using Basecamp on a mobile device just as intuitive as the Desktop version.” And another user says, “We have over 60 projects running within the staff of our church. Couldn’t imagine trying without basecamp.” One Twitter follower shared his enthusiasm for being able to share multiple projects at once using the new and improved Basecamp app, while Product Hunt stated it has “great iOS8-inspired design.”

While it has been only seven days since the new version launched, the reviews are all positive, and it appears that Basecamp users will be able to take their projects with them on the go. While that may sound like it’s creating a culture of workaholics, many believe that the app will do just the opposite and help people get their work done more efficiently.

With improvements like this, it’s clear that Basecamp has been listening to their customers, making their app even better than ever.

[Photo Courtesy of Signalvnoise]