Norman Reedus Labels ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast ‘Pathetic,’ Talks Weird Ritual With Andrew Lincoln

Norman Reedus recently called the cast of The Walking Dead “pathetic,” but his label has nothing to do with their acting abilities.

Reedus told Access Hollywood that the cast of the show is having a hard time surviving the midseason break because they all miss each other so darn much. You might find it sweet that The Walking Dead cast keeps in touch while they’re not working, but Norman Reedus sees the strong bond they share as being a bit sad.

“It’s kind of like, ‘Hey guys, I miss you!’ It’s sort of pathetic. It’s, ‘What are you guys doing? How are you?’ … We really like each other so it’s constantly like, ‘What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing?'”

No wonder it was so hard for actress Emily Kinney to talk about her exit from the show on Talking Dead — Norman and the rest of the cast had become like family to her.

During a Q&A for AMC’s Walking Dead blog, Emily offered a little insight on how the cast members forged such strong bonds during filming. According to Kinney, she and Norman Reedus became close in real life while filming “Still.” You might remember it as the episode that featured Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene bonding while they imbibed moonshine, burned down a house, and flipped the bird.

“I consider him a really good friend. When Beth and Daryl bonded, Norman and I did too because we were the only ones shooting during that episode. I trust him and feel that crossover in real life. He stays in the moment in such a beautiful way. It’s really inspiring.”


The Walking Dead stars don’t just bond during filming. Access Hollywood asked Norman Reedus if he and his fellow cast members ever exchange text messages, and the actor revealed that they do it all the time. One of his recent text conversations was about a batch of photos he sent to Greg Nicotero, Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, and Chandler Riggs. As it turns out, Reedus’ idea of bonding includes wearing very little clothing and jumping in very cold water.

“We all do actually. All of us do that. I was doing it [the other] night with Greg and Steven and Andy and Chandler, because I found all these pictures that when we were in Comic-Con, in San Diego, we have this ritual where we get up super early, and we meet down on the beach in bathrobes and then we just run into the ocean and it’s freezing, but it’s like, it’s become a tradition now, so I found all these photographs, and we had a little text chain going on.”

You have to be Daryl Dixon tough if you want to be friends with Norman Reedus.

[Image credit: AMC]