How To Make 'Sims 4' A Lot More Gory -- And Other Mods

If there's one thing the Sims games are known for, it's having a lot of additional content to download. Sometimes it's official Sims expansion packs, sometimes it's mods created by fans and independent developers. This week, The Sims 4 has a bit of interesting news for fans of horror games. Some new custom content allows you to bloody up your Sims characters in the character-creation screen.

According to Kotaku, players can add bloody hands, cuts, bruises, scars, and other grisly gashes to their Sims characters. A tutorial on how to make it look like your Sims game is something out of Silent Hill can be seen in the YouTube video below.

In the tutorial, Sims VIP shows you how to make it look like your character had his or her throat cut, or maybe did a bit of freelance murdering on his or her own. You can see in the GIF below a custom character with bloody arms, which is especially intriguing alongside the innocent and oblivious look of the Sims character being customized.


Bandages and scars are also an option if you want your Sims character to look like some kind of ruffian -- which might go pretty well with that famous Sims occupation, a life of crime.

You can download the extra content directly from Sims VIP, with everything from a skinned knee to a nosebleed, at this direct link. Of course, adding all of these injuries to your copy of The Sims 4 won't affect the character or gameplay in anyway. Like many Sims 4 options, the changes are completely cosmetic.

But for some Sims 4 content that will actually influence the gameplay, there are some brand new mods released that could make your The Sims 4 experience a lot more fun. According to The International Business Times, one valuable new Sims 4 mod will keep your Sims character from dying due to extreme emotions. The "Emotions Don't Kill" mod will stop your character from kicking the bucket simply because his or her emotional state has gotten out of hand, like extreme laughter or extreme embarrassment. You can enact the Sims 4 mod by editing the following lines of code within the game (alter code at your own risk):

— S4_6017E896_00000000_0000000000003230 Mortified Hidden Buff

— S4_6017E896_00000000_000000000000322B Hysterical Hidden Buff

— S4_6017E896_00000000_0000000000003228 Enraged Hidden Buff

— S4_6017E896_00000000_0000000000006AB8 Enraged Hidden Buff

And for players who miss the servo robot butlers from The Sims 2, a forum user by the name of Esmeralda has modded The Sims 4 to add servo to the game. You can download both male and female versions of servo to your Sims 4 game at this link.

Servo robots

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[Sims 4 screenshots courtesy of Kotaku]