October 29, 2020
Elizabeth Hurley Sports Sequined Dress In Steamy Bathtub Snap

Actress, model and swimwear designer Elizabeth Hurley updated her popular Instagram feed on Thursday, October 29, with another in a long line of steamy snapshots. In the upload, the 55-year-old showed that she continues to defy her age by bringing the heat to her 1.8 million followers on the platform in a scintillating sequin dress while posing provocatively in an empty bathtub.

The Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery star and Estée Lauder spokesperson indicated that she was all dressed up with nowhere to go in the caption. Regardless of the occasion -- or lack thereof -- Hurley made a clear impression on her fans, who double-tapped the post nearly 11,000 times within an hour of its appearance on her profile. Over 200 replies had been left in the comments section, the brunt of which offered words of affection for her sultry display.

"Wow," raved one impassioned user. "Love this darling."

"Great pic Elizabeth," opined a second supporter. "You always look stunning."

"Do you ever have a bad hair day!?!" wondered a particularly bewildered commenter. "Consistently perfect -- a 21st century Mary Poppins."

"Man o man Liz... As always with your posts, speechless," gushed another awe-struck admirer.

The medium shot showed Hurley lying back against the white bathtub and resting her head over its edge. Her auburn brown hair looked to be parted messily on her right side while the lengthy strands draped across and over the rim of the empty tub.

Hurley's long, dark lashes and sophisticated natural brows popped in the frame against her seemingly flawless, alabaster skin and the white background in the shot. They provided a strong border for her blue-gray eyes, which glinted in the bright light as they fixated on the camera's lens with a full-on smolder. Her glossy, pink lips were parted slightly, offering a glimpse of her upper teeth. Her smile gave off a similarly noticeable luster.

Just below her delicate neck, the Basingstoke, Hampshire, native's sequins gave off an even stronger shine. The long-sleeved garment appeared to be tinged in a purple bronze that added to the contrast present in the shot. At the right edge of the photo's frame, her dress reached its end, giving way to a peek at her slender thigh.

As shared by The Inquisitr, less than a day before her sequin snap, Hurley showed significantly more skin in a photo update that featured her enjoying some time on the beach in a tiny, two-piece swimsuit that masked her most intimate attributes.