Law & Order SVU gets “Occupied” during filming [Video]

Talk about art mimicking life here.

Apparently the television show Law & Order: SVU was down at the Zuccotti Park to film a segment of an upcoming show that included a whole “Occupy” theme, and it seems that the real occupiers didn’t appreciate the art aspect of this.

This lead to members of the Occupy Wall Street movement heading down to their old stomping grounds to have a little bit of fun as they toted signs saying that they were a movement not some silly television plot line. All this was also being chanted while the NBC crews were trying to film some scene of the show.

According to a report on Huffington Post this was all meant in good fun.

“People did it in the spirit of absurdity and fun,” said Han Shan. “We like to come together in public space and share ideas and show our vision through our action and we’re doing that tonight with a good bit of jest and big fat smiles on our faces.”

Needless to say NBC wasn’t seeing much humor in the spectacle because within an hour the area was flooded with NYPD’s finest who announced that the city had rescinded the filming permit.

via Hollywood Reporter