‘Criminal Minds’ Spoilers, Midseason Return: What Can Fans Expect From ‘Amelia Porter’?

The Season 10 winter finale of Criminal Minds airs Wednesday night on CBS. This one is titled “Amelia Porter,” and the team will have quite the case to tackle. Fans are anxious for some Criminal Minds spoilers as well as details regarding when the show will return after its winter hiatus and luckily, there is a bit of information available.

TV Guide teases that during “Amelia Porter,” the team will head to Salt Lake City to investigate a triple homicide. They discover that there may be a connection between the homicide victims and a fugitive killer.

A CBS Criminal Minds spoiler preview shows that Hotch and Rossi will spend a little bit of time bonding and seemingly talking about their love lives, or lack thereof. By the looks of things, though, they may be working on stepping outside of their comfort zones on that front. It would appear that this will be a fun opportunity for fans to see the more personal sides of these two typically serious characters.

Little else has been revealed about this winter finale episode at this point. Though this is a show that loves to throw twists and turns at the viewers, in this case the episode may be a relatively basic one. Though it’s unclear whether it happens in this episode or another one soon, executive producer Erica Messer teased TV Guide that JJ will lean on Reid to work through her PTSD.

Though JJ and Reid have always been close, they will get even closer as JJ works through this obstacle. Could it be a trigger for Reid, though? Messer says that he will be fine, and emotionally he’s focused on JJ’s struggles and his own won’t be popping back up.

When does Criminal Minds return with new episodes in the new year? According to the Futon Critic, it seems that the next new episode after the winter hiatus will air on Wednesday, January 14. So far, the network hasn’t released details or an episode title for that one, though.

There have been some tough storylines on this show over the years and fans love nearly every minute of it all. The addition of Jennifer Love Hewitt this season has definitely shaken things up a bit, but her character does seem to be settling in with the BAU team.

What lies ahead for the second half of Season 10? Fans will find out where things are headed with the winter finale airing on December 10, and the new episodes of Criminal Minds kicking back into gear on January 14.

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