David Bowie Dissed By The Stones Former Manager

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Dec. 10 2014, Updated 9:51 a.m. ET

The man known for “Young Americans,” Ziggy Stardust, and probably the most fantastic goblin king ever, David Bowie, has been seriously dissed by the Rolling Stones former manager. Andrew Loog Oldham, who is known for his work with the Stones, has also become known for his outspoken nature.

In an interview with Sabotage Times, he lets everyone know how he really feels about Bowie and his latest work.

Loog Oldham, who has become known for writing musician biographies and his own publication, Stoned, had an interview posted online just yesterday. He critiques the music of today, saying that “songs don’t last anymore,” before moving onto Bowie.

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The interviewer remarks, “Though we’re all now communicating on a totally new and exciting level the net also has its negatives, too, the way it drives celebrity culture through narcissistic online personas, like we’re all mini stars in our own worlds now.”

He then commences some Bowie bashing.

Loog Oldham tells a story about how he heard that Bowie used to go into online chat rooms (are those still around anymore?) and pretend to be someone else. He would then ask the chat room participants questions about Bowie. While Loog Oldham remarks that he’s not 100 percent sure that it’s true, he refers to the story as “delicious.” And he doesn’t stop there.

Bowie released a new album on November 17 called Nothing Has Changed. According to NME, it is the first definitive collection of Bowie’s 50-year career, but it does include two new singles, “Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)” and “‘Tis A Pity She Was A Whore.” And how does Loog Oldham feel about Bowie’s new music?

He remarks, “I just heard the new Bowie single; he seems to be cloning the worst of Scott Walker.”

Ouch! Scott Walker is an avant-garde musician, and not someone you’d consider a popular artist. But wait, Loog Oldham wasn’t done dissing Bowie just yet.

He ends his talk of Bowie and his work by saying, “As I’ve said, old people make old music.”

As if the Scott Walker comparison wasn’t insulting enough.

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Bowie has not responded as of yet, if he ever will. Right now, Bowie is busy enjoying the success his “old music” is having. He tweeted about his new album making its way into the UK Album Chart Top Ten and included a “Wham Bam thank you fans!”

Oh yeah, and did I mention he’s the favorite to win the Artist of the Year award at the BBC Music Awards tomorrow? Yeah, I don’t think Loog Oldham’s words are going to hurt David Bowie too badly.

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