Man Trapped Wall: Man Living In Restaurant Rafters Falls Through Ceiling, Gets Trapped Behind Wall

A man was trapped in a wall after he fell from the ceiling of a Yard House restaurant in Denver, Colorado. According to Yahoo! News, the man had been living in the rafters of the eatery for an unknown amount of time. Apparently, the man was adjusting his positioning when he fell through the ceiling, hit a pipe that caused a flood, and got trapped behind a wall. At first, responding officers didn’t realize what had actually happened.

The pipe that the man hit ended up flooding the restaurant and part of the hotel next door. While it may have seemed as though this was a random pipe burst, there was much more behind this story.

There was a man trapped in the wall, after all, but he wasn’t found for hours. According to the report, officers were still on the premises when they heard a sort of groaning near the store’s entrance. Little did they know that they’d find the man behind the flood trapped behind the wall.

“They pulled back some booth chairs and saw the man’s feet sticking out of the wall. Firefighters used a chainsaw to cut him out,” reports Yahoo! News. According to WPTV, the man was taken to Denver Health hospital for treatment, but the extent of his injuries were unclear. Police say that he fell about 20 feet. He is facing charges relating to the damage he caused to the restaurant and the Sheraton Hotel next door. It’s unknown if he will face charges for squatting in the restaurant’s rafters.

The man trapped behind the wall wasn’t the first person to ever get himself into such a predicament. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a man got stuck between walls inside a Marshall’s store last month. That store also happened to be in Colorado. Paul Felyk, 35, was trapped between the inner and outer walls for three days. Police believe that Felyk was trying to break into the store when he fell through the ceiling. He was in a great deal of pain when he was rescued, but was expected to be okay. He, like the man trapped in the wall at the Yard House, was also facing criminal charges.

[Photo courtesy of Scott Davidson from the United States via Wikimedia Commons]