Johnny Depp Spends Thousands Of Dollars On Naked Kate Middleton Portraits

Johnny Depp isn't shy when it comes to speaking his mind, drunk or not, and the same applies when it comes to spending big bucks on the things he loves.

While that may not be unique to Depp, since most Hollywood celebs on that level can afford to buy what they want when they want, he does have a serious love for art, and, it seems, a passion for Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The Daily Star reported recently that Depp is so enamored with Kate that he just paid a five figure sum to street artist Pegasus for a portrait of the Duchess, and has just commissioned him to paint another.

For the second painting, Johnny Depp reportedly wants it to feature Kate naked, complete with baby bump. His unusual request was revealed following his attendance at at the opening of the street artist's gallery on Caledonian Road in Islington, London, on Sunday night.

Depp also bought a $40,000 portrait of the Queen, and he is said to be one of Pegasus' biggest fans.

Leonard Villa, the artist's manager, spoke to the Daily Star about the Depp visit. "I knew Johnny was coming and wanted the two Kate Middleton works. He was extremely charming and immediately bought the painting and put down an offer for the second one," he said.

For his part, despite his recent movie flops, including The Lone Ranger and Dark Shadows, Depp is increasing his movie portfolio with upcoming films such as Mortdecai, Black Mass, and Alice In Wonderland: Through The Looking Glass.

There's no doubt that Johnny Depp is becoming more and more eccentric in his "old" age, but it remains to be seen what his new Kate Middleton fascination is all about, having splashed out so much for paintings of her.

Hopefully Johnny will be able to enjoy a little more success and critical acclaim for his new movies, which are due in theaters soon.