Amazon Fire Phone 2 Coming Soon, Apple Attempting To Follow Suit

Amazon’s Fire Phone might not be the most popular smartphone on the market but the retail giant is going to give it a go again. The Fire Phone 2 and the Fire Phone 3 are on the way, according to numerous reports, and it now appears as though Apple believes the 3D design that is included in the screen is quite profitable.

Amazon appears to think that if it fixes the problems that plagued the first Fire Phone launch, it can make the next generations of its smartphones more profitable. Industry insiders are quietly scratching their heads and wondering why Amazon doesn’t just stick to where it has seen great success. Tablets are where the company is able to really compete with Apple and it should stay that way.

Perhaps when the Amazon Fire Phone 2 and Fire Phone 3 are officially released, Jeff Bezos will decide not to release the phone only through AT&T. That was one of the biggest complaints of people who never bought the phone in the first place. The price of the phone, as well as being only available through one carrier, were two things that killed the sales of the original Amazon Fire Phone.

Amazon offering the smartphones on all major carriers is just the first step. Offering these new devices at a price that most people actually want to pay is another step in the right direction. The retail giant clearly had some good ideas when it launched the Fire Phone. This is more obvious today, considering that Apple just filed a patent that will allow the company to put out displays capable of 3D graphics quite a bit like the one Amazon employs.

According to VentureBeat, the patent filing reads, “A three-dimensional (‘3D’) display environment for mobile device is disclosed that uses orientation data from one or more onboard sensors to automatically determine and display a perspective projection of the 3D display environment based on the orientation data without the user physically interacting with (e.g., touching) the display.”

The interesting thing about the news today is that the patent was actually filed all the way back in 2012 but it was just recently granted. One has to wonder whether Amazon had something in the works for even longer or whether this is a situation where Apple was actually beaten to the punch. It seems the tech is different enough that neither the online store or Apple are suing one another. Maybe Apple just isn’t all that scared of the Amazon Fire Phone.