‘Cute Cats’ Are The Best Thing To Happen To Marshmallows! Prepare To Drink Nothing But Hot Chocolate From Now On! [Gallery]

Over the years, many inventors (and innovators) have created some of the most interesting inventions ranging from awesomely unique to amazingly absurd. However, some of the best creations aren’t the ones that may benefit mankind, but indulge mankind’s appetite. The Inquisitr have kept up on the latest on such foodie delights, especially when Dominque Ansel is involved. For example, Ansel is responsible for the milk and cookie shot as well as creating the infamous cronut, which was used to make cronut burgers last year. However, such unique foods hold may hold no authority once Oreo Churros hit the market!

Now there is a report of a Japanese company innovating marshmallows for a new generation. However, the one product that may surely become a best-seller around the world are the ones shaped like “cute cats.” It is probably safe to say that designing marshmallows into floating, cute cats is the next best thing to happen to marshmallows since Peeps.

According to an article by Swimmingly, it reports (more like promotes) the cat-shaped marshmallows by asking its readers if they, one, love hot chocolate, and, two, love cats. If said reader were to answer “yes” to both questions, the article states they’ll love the cat-shaped marshmallows, which are one of many marshmallow inventions by Yawahada Marshmallow Shop located in Japan. Initially, they state the cat marshmallows are for hot chocolate, but their promotional detail states it would be good for any drink.

“The adorable kitty marshmallows float up to the top of your cup as you drink and peer at you with their little kitty eyes and little kitty paws and little kitty ears and you swoon the entire time you are imbibing. You’ll want them in everything: water, coffee, Gatorade. Once you start with cat marshmallows, no drink will ever be complete without those forlorn faces gazing up from the rim of your mug. So far, the cat-mallows are only up for adoption — I mean “on sale” — in Japan, but the company hopes to begin delivering to international customers soon. Meow.

As stated earlier, Yawahada Marshmallow Shop also makes other kinds of marshmallow shapes, including cat paws, cat paw prints, and even designs for Halloween. A gallery of the awesome marshmallows is attached below for your viewing pleasure.

After viewing the cat-shaped marshmallow that floats adorably in your coffee cup (along with the other marshmallow confections by Yawahada), what do you think? Would you buy any of these designs for your next shindig?

[Images via Yawahada Official Facebook]