Avril Lavigne Is Suffering From A Mysterious Health Problem

Punk rock star Avril Lavigne has been strangely absent from the public since September. While many fans were left speculating what could be wrong with Avril, the singer apparently contacted one fan through direct message on Twitter to let him or her know she hasn’t been feeling well.

According to Billboard, Avril Lavigne has yet to release a statement about her illness or disclose what the mysterious health issue could be. But Lavigne reportedly told a fan to “keep me in your prayers” this past weekend. This has led Lavigne’s followers to fear her health condition could be potentially serious.

While it might seem like Avril Lavigne is simply looking for time off, perhaps to avoid the spotlight after another Fappening leak released racy photos of her, she did respond to a Twitter message in a way that confirms the severity of the illness. A fan account dedicated to Avril Lavigne tweeted “#GetWellSoonAvril #PrayForAvril,” to which Avril tweeted back “thank you.”

Lavigne was recently asked why she hasn’t been releasing new music lately. Avril’s reply is below.

“I feel bad because I haven’t been able to say anything to the fans to let them no [sic] why I’ve been absent. I’m torn as I’m quite private…. I’m not feeling well. I’m having some health issues. So please keep me in your prayers.”

The punk rocker hasn’t released new music since last year’s Avril Lavigne, her self-titled fifth full-length LP, which featured the hits “Here’s To Never Growing Up” and “Rock N Roll.” Lavigne’s career has been suffering a bit lately as well, especially after she released a music video for her song “Hello Kitty” which many considered to be racist. Upon realizing it had been a year since her last release, Avril tweeted “Can’t believe the ‘Avril Lavigne’ album came out a yr ago! Huge thx to my fans for the support. Couldn’t do it w/o u!”

Avril Lavigne’s representatives have been contacted for more information on her health, but they haven’t responded. The star’s private life has been a topic of discussion on the internet lately, particularly about her marriage to Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger. There have been numerous reports that Avril’s relationship is in peril, but neither Lavigne nor Kroeger have ever confirmed the rumors of infidelity.

What do you think is wrong with Avril Lavigne? Is she experiencing real health trouble or is she simply trying to get out of the public eye for awhile?

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