Charlie Sheen Accidentally Tweets Personal Phone Number [Oops]

Charlie Sheen has accidentally tweeted his personal phone number to the 5 million people who follow him on Twitter.

The tweet popped up on Sheen’s account on Thursday morning, with the actor’s number followed by a “Call me bro” message. One assumes Sheen meant to send the message to a friend, but instead made his tweet public. It’s a mistake we’ve all made when drunk at breakfast. The post was swiftly deleted, but I’m guessing Sheen has a new number by now.

The NY Post points out the mistweet was “ironic,” as Sheen’s former Two and a Half Men co-star Jon Cryer has previously admitted he didn’t have Sheen’s phone number (yeah, but it’s not actually ironic, is it NY Post? More a coincidence). Following his dismissal from the sitcom in March, Sheen labeled Cryer “a turncoat, a traitor, a troll.”

After Sheen’s outburst, Cryer told TV Guide, “I don’t even have [Sheen’s] number.” Well he does now … if he was tweet-stalking Sheen at about 11am EST on Thursday. I mean, I assume that’s what Jon Cryer does with his Thursday mornings.

Sheen himself has been keeping a low profile in recent months, only popping up yesterday to bail out ex-wife Brooke Mueller with a $11,000 bond. Mueller was reportedly picked up for alleged third degree assault and possession of cocaine.

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