‘Destiny: The Dark Below’ Raid Already Beaten, Crota Has Been Ended

Destiny players who purchased the The Dark Below jumped in as soon as the expansion became available this morning. One group has already taken on the Crota’s End raid and made sure the Hive boss met his downfall in approximately half the time as the Vault of Glass raid was beaten when it became available.

The Crota’s End raid drops six players into the Hellmouth on the Moon to face the god of the Hive, Crota. It took seven players from Invigorate Gaming (one had to drop) six hours to bring the boss down as confirmed by Bungie.

It took approximately 12 hours for The Vault of Glass raid to be completed as soon as it became available after Destiny‘s launch. It was quickly whittled down to an hour or less with most players now completing it one to two hours. Expect the same to happen with Crota’s End, but clearly the experience with The Vault of Glass helped make the initial run faster.

Invigorate Gaming managed to get some nice new raid gear as a reward too. They picked up the Swordbreaker shotgun, Dogged Gage gauntlets, Willbreaker’s Fists gauntlets, Light of the Abyss Fusion Rifle, Black Hammer Sniper Rifle, and the Light in the Abyss ship, according to Planet Destiny. They shared images of some of the loot earned via Twitter.

They went on to recommend to Planet Destiny that the group have at least one member that is Light Level 31 to complete Crota’s End. This can be accomplished by purchasing new Legendary armor from the in-game vendors or by upgrading the existing Exotic armor as I previously covered for Inquisitr. The new Light Level cap is 32, which will require raid gear to achieve.

There will not be a race to complete Crota’s End on hard difficulty anytime soon. Bungie will not make that available until January.

Congratulations to Invigorate Gaming for being the first to complete Crota’s End. Please share your thoughts on the achievement in the comments below.

[Images via Bungie]

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