Best Abs Exercises For A Flat Stomach [Photos]

Abs exercises are surely in the back of most people’s minds as the holiday season approaches and you add all those unwanted calories. However, these particular moves can be some of the least favorites for many — and so you must make a point on adding them to your core routine.

Let’s face it, the typical abs exercises are plain boring. We are not talking about your classic crunch here, as it has long been established that crunching your way to a flat stomach won’t take you very far.

The abdominal muscles are a complex group and greatly influence posture and back muscles. Having toned abs can result in less back pain and better overall health. But getting those abs into shape by exercising alone is not an easy task and also involves diet, which is a difficult thing to do during the holidays, when people are eating more than usual.

Take a look at these abs exercises published in the Huffington Post to see if you can add them to your routine.



We didn’t say it would be easy. To begin get in a plank position, placing hands (or elbows) directly under shoulders, with legs extended. Keeping your back straight and your tummy tucked in, bring one knee up towards your shoulder and alternate for 30 seconds.


This is not only a great abs exercise, but it also works out your arms and hamstrings. Bend at the hips as if to do a downward dog (your body should be in the shape of a triangle when aligned with the floor). Walk your hands out until you reach the plank position and hold for a few seconds without releasing the abdominal muscles, then walk your feet in to the starting position. Do for at least 10 seconds.


If you know the bridge for working your butt, then this exercise is familiar. Lay on the floor, bring feet close to your butt and lift it. Extend your leg towards the sky as you lift your bottom. Go for 10 repetitions on each leg.

Single Leg Bridge
Image via Huffington Post


Using a stability ball is one of the best ways to work out those abs and this particular exercise is a challenging one. Watch the video to learn how to correctly do this exercise.


This is another great stability ball exercise and it’s a lot harder than it looks, since you have to do very controlled movements. Kneel in front of the ball and put your elbows on it in a plank position, with legs stretched out (or on your knees for an easier version) and back in a straight line. As with stirring a pot, move the ball in small circles with your elbows, while keeping your feet in place. Aim for five circles in each direction to start.

As with any other exercise regimen, consult with your physician before starting. To get more benefits from your workout you must also include some cardio as part of your routine. Let us know how you do with these awesome abs exercises.

[Image via Fitnessblender]