With Part Of An Ear Ripped Off, Klein Is Rangers’ Hero In OT! [Video]

New York Rangers Kevin Klein was high-sticked by Pittsburgh Penguins forward Zach Sill during the first period of Monday night’s hockey game. The incident was worse than anyone thought because it actually ripped off part of Klein’s ear, as reported by Fox Sports.

According to Rangers coach Alain Vigneault, Klein had to get 13 stitches to literally reattach part of Klein’s ear, per CBS Sports. Sill had to sit in the penalty box for a total of four minutes for his actions, while Klein was getting medical treatment and preparing himself to get back in the game.

Klein didn’t just get back into the game, he became the hero of Monday night’s game scoring the winning goal, bringing the Rangers’ score 4-3 over the Penguins in overtime with only 1:15 remaining in the game — regardless of the fact it was a slap shot that deflected off Christian Ehrhoff’s leg and flew right past the Penguins goalie. It counted, and it was nice.

That goal actually pushed Klein to a new career high with his sixth goal of the season, as well as a career-high three game-winners — including two in overtime. He tells Fox Sports about that moment when he scored the winning goal.

“It might have hit their D-man in front. I was just trying to get it by. When it went in, I was pretty happy.”

Klein ear

Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist had nothing but good things to say about his star player, Klein, Monday night as reported by NY Post.

“I think, by far, he has the best shot on the team — no question. He always gets it through, and it’s hard. It’s not always a great thing in practice, but I appreciate it in a game.”

Alain Vigneault grinned as he told Fox Sports that he’s been getting a lot of heat lately because he’s not using Klein on the power play. “That is the second time he has come up real big for us in overtime.”

Things were looking pretty grim before the winning goal was scored by Klein. It seemed as though the Rangers would lose to the Penguins, making it a third consecutive loss. However, Lundqvist offered a whole new outlook.

“You have two ways to go there — you can be sorry for yourself and be pissed off and disappointed, or you can regroup and refocus and understand that we’re still in the game here and have an opportunity to win it. I think we did a good job with that.”

Coach Vigneault must agree as he told it like it was, per Fox Sports.

“I don’t know if anyone saw his ear there, but he lost a piece of it and they sewed it back. Say what you what you want about hockey players, but they’re tough SOBs.”

[Photo Credit: TheScore.ie, NY Post.com, Twitter.com]