Are McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Really Made Of Pink Slime? [Video]

It’s not like anyone thinks McDonald’s is good for you in the first place, but as more and more healthy-yet-quick alternatives emerge in the fast food industry, McDonald’s is taking a huge hit. Part of that failure has been attributed to the public’s perception of how McDonald’s puts together their food, with perhaps no legends more grim than what people think the global chain’s chicken nuggets are made out of. Some popular answers to what lurks in chicken nuggets includes the infamous pink slime photo, or other rumors that the company grinds up bones, wings and beaks along with the rest of the meat.

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Believe who you will, but McDonald’s is taking matters into their own hands to set the record straight on their chicken nuggets are made out of. It’s up to you to decide if any of the other legends have been true about their products on some other occasion, but at least here McDonald’s says their chicken nuggets are beak-free.

McDonald’s can hardly look away from these rumors anymore. The company’s November sales have just taken another hit in long trend of decline over the past five years — dropping 2.2 percent globally and 4.6 percent in the United States, according to RT.

McDonald’s problems are much bigger than moving fewer chicken nuggets than before. The fast food industry itself is undergoing a radical transformation in quality, evidenced by Chipolte’s massive 19.8 percent same store sales revenue in the third quarter; McDonald’s sales dropped 3.3% in the same period. McDonald’s is now condemned to keeping up in an industry it has largely dominated, and it’s doing it amid calls for wage raises by its employees all over the country.

McDonald’s has added several products in order to meet this demand for a better product, one of the best examples being its McCafé brand. But instead of re-imagining their core product line, McDonald’s is giving it a press campaign. Videos have now been released that show behind-the-scenes footages of many of their most popular menu items — from the classic Big Mac’s beef to the McRib barbecue sandwich. That doesn’t mean everyone is convinced though.

Whether or not you’re now convinced McDonald’s chicken nuggets are a quality product, a lot of McDonald’s core market probably didn’t care in the first place. After all, they are still an extremely popular choice.

Did McDonald’s quality campaign convince you that chicken nuggets aren’t made from pink slime?

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