Joe Rogan To UFC Heavyweight Brendan Schaub: ‘You Are Not An Elite Fighter’

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan had UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub on his podcast Monday evening, a podcast in which Rogan was seemingly calling for Schaub to step away from mixed-martial-arts, saying that Schaub is “not an elite fighter.”

Schaub has become a frequent guest on Rogan’s podcast, and most of his appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience are centered around himself, Rogan and a few others giving live feedback to UFC events that Rogan isn’t scheduled to do commentary on.

This past Saturday at UFC 181, Schaub fought UFC heavyweight contender Travis Browne, and as expected, Browne finished Schaub in the first round via TKO.

Rogan’s podcast with Schaub on Monday was a bit of a career intervention, as Rogan judged Schaub’s MMA career quite harshly, and Schaub was noticeably upset when the podcast went off the air.

Here’s some of what Rogan said to Schaub on Monday’s podcast.

“You are a smart dude. You know about the concussions that you have had. The reality is, I don’t see you beating any of the elite guys. You have no fluidity.

“When I look at your performances, you are not an elite fighter. I know what I’m seeing. You are not recognizing.”

Schaub responded to Rogan by saying “I beat Cro-Cop,” and Rogan dismissed it.

“You are not fighting at that level. You are going to get f***ing hit man. I worry. You leave openings, you have vulnerabilities.

“15 minutes with an elite fighter, you can’t do that. Your brain doesn’t get better from punches. Werdum, Cain is another level than you.

“You telegraph too much. It is real obvious what you’re going to do. You are predictable.

“Reality of brain damage is that it doesn’t heal. The brain is a mother-f***er. S**t doesn’t heal.

Rogan then went on to ask Schaub if he’s ever heard of former boxing champ, Terry Norris.

For those who don’t know, Terry Norris, who is just 47 years old, is suffering from the results of too many concussions. His speech is noticeably impaired, and it’s very uncomfortable and sad to listen to him talk.

Rogan then went on to tell Schaub to get out while he still has his senses.

“You are a funny dude. You don’t have to go out like that. If you keep going, it’s not good.”

Schaub then went on to make some bold statements.

“99 percent of fighters don’t have a plan. My plan was to beat Travis, and talk my way into a title fight, or at least an eliminator.

“I disagree when you say that I can’t beat [Junior] dos Santos or Cain [Velasquez].”

Schaub then started to complain somewhat about the referees decision to stop his fight against Browne this past Saturday night.

“I got f***ing rocked,” Schaub said. Rogan then replied “Then it’s good that Yamasaki [the referee] stopped it.” Schaub replied to Rogan by saying “Not when I’m looking at him, talking to him.”

Lastly, Rogan said to Schaub “If you fight again, I might just take the night off.”

[ Photo by Jerod Harris/WireImage ]