Brandi Glanville Dumped: 'RHOBH' Star Dumped Because Of Her Kids

Brandi Glanville was dumped because her younger boyfriend apparently didn't want to be with someone who had kids. According to Yahoo! News, The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star revealed that she's single again after the guy she met in Amsterdam broke up with her. The two had been dating for just a couple of months.

Brandi Glanville didn't seem too upset about getting dumped, and that could be because her relationship was new, and long distance. On RHOBH, Brandi seems to bounce from guy to guy, but she hasn't really found one that has made her want to commit. Perhaps she's just having a spot of fun for the time being, who knows? Fox News points out that Brandi has a bit of an ex-boyfriend problem from time to time too, but that doesn't seem to be holding her back. She can certainly use the past experiences for her books.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brandi seemed to like dating a much younger guy, although she did joke that it was like having another kid (she currently has two sons with ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian).

"So, I just got back from a little trip to Amsterdam with the other Housewives. I can't tell you anything about the trip except I have a boyfriend! I met a cute guy in the Red Light District! He's very handsome and we've been Skyping. He's 23, so it's like having a third child. He's so gorgeous, it's stupid, but he's going to come out here! He's clearly from a well-to-do family. Like, he paid the bills, he opened doors. Hey, I make friends wherever I go. Anything to get away from the drama."
Now that Brandi Glanville got dumped, she has time to focus on other things, like her career. She recently said that she is making her own money, and that things are really starting to come together for her, which is nice. She is no longer completely dependent on child support money from her ex because she has made herself an entrepreneur.

"I have like 85 jobs. I have my podcast, I have my books, I have Housewives, and I did Apprentice, so I am making my own money and so it's not as stressful," she recently said.

[Photo courtesy of Bravo TV]