Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Explodes, Causes Small Fire In Canadian Home

Phones bursting into flames are not a new phenomenon. However, every time an incident of that kind occurs, it certainly makes news headlines. In the latest such incident, a woman from Canada has claimed that her mid range Samsung Galaxy Ace II smartphone exploded right next to her in the middle of the night. According to Mashable, the incident happened back in October – but is only gaining media attention now. The victim of the latest exploding phone happens to be Hope Casserly, a fourth year computer science student at the University of Guelph

According to Hope, she had purchased the phone back in 2013 and was using it normally. On the night of October 22, 2014, the phone which was kept next to her bed exploded without warning.

“My back was to the phone and ah — I saw a light going across my shoulder, which would be the inside of the battery on fire. It hit the wall and fell onto my bed. I realized it was a fire and so I half sat up and put out the fire with my pillow… looked over and realized there was another fire and put that out with my pillow again and … turned on all the lights to see what happened,” Hope told CBC News.

According to Casserly, the exploding Samsung Galaxy Ace II resulted in two small fires – one caused by the battery itself, and the other caused by the battery casing, which flew off in a different direction.

Samsing Galaxy Ace explodes

She has also posted a Facebook post which claims that the battery she was using in the phone was a Samsung provided battery – which she had not replaced. She also asks her friends and followers to share her post.

Meanwhile, Samsung has countered Casserly’s claims and has said that the battery used by her Samsung Galaxy Ace II smartphone was not provided by the company, and it was an “unauthorized” battery that was not made by Samsung. A Samsung spokesperson clarified that they had reviewed Hope’s exploded phone and came to the above conclusion.

“Samsung takes product quality and customer safety very seriously. After a preliminary analysis, Samsung has determined that the battery used in Miss Casserly’s Samsung Ace II X was not a Samsung authorized battery. We have provided the customer with a replacement device and will be following up with the customer to resolve the matter,” the company told CBC News in a written statement.

It is unclear if Ms. Casserly has started using her new Samsung Galaxy phone.

[Image Via Facebook]