‘Revenge’ Season 4 Return: When Does The Show Start Again After The Winter Hiatus?

Revenge Season 4 viewers were left stunned by Sunday night’s episode that led into the winter break. It had been teased that someone would die, and there were many theories about which character would be gone. By the time it was all said and done, a character that had been winning fans over again was dead and now viewers face a bit of a break until new episodes begin again. When does the show return?

Despite months of drama between Daniel Grayson and Emily Thorne, he ultimately sacrificed his life to save hers, as fans saw in the Season 4 fall finale Sunday night. Though some thought that Daniel might well be the looming death, the way he went out definitely left fans stunned. Though Revenge fans now have to wait a bit for new episodes, it’s clear that there will be a lot to tackle when the show returns.

Just when does Revenge Season 4 begin again? As the preview teased, and Entertainment Weekly confirmed, the Season 4, Episode 11 show airs on Sunday, January 4. How does Daniel’s death impact those left behind? Emily muttered that powerful line about it not all being a lie as Daniel died, and chances are that this will hit Emily hard despite all she had done that hurt Daniel in the past few years.

Naturally, Margaux will be greatly impacted in the coming episodes as well. Josh Bowman, who played Daniel, notes that his character will be seen in some flashback scenes in the episode airing on January 4. It seems there will be some significant tension, as most would expect, between Emily and Margaux in the aftermath of Daniel’s death. The show’s recent episodes had all been leading up to this fall finale, and fans were not disappointed by the action.

What else can viewers expect when Season 4 of Revenge returns? As TVLine notes, David made a big move in the fall finale by poisoning Victoria’s wine, but clearly his plan didn’t come together. Where does he head next with this relationship, and how will Daniel’s death impact it? It would seem that things will get even more complicated in the shows to come.

Naturally, there will be plenty of Nolan and Jack as Season 4 returns as well, but the fallout from Daniel’s death will certainly take center stage for some time. Though Josh Bowman had seemingly indicated some time ago that he thought perhaps his character should be killed off, many Revenge fans were still shocked and upset that it actually happened.

Stay tuned for more Revenge spoilers and start counting down now to the Season 4 return coming on Sunday, January 4.

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