Taylor Lautner Gay? ‘Twilight’ Star Visits Hollywood Gay Bars

Let the Taylor Lautner gay rumors begin. The former Twilight star was spotted partying at two of West Hollywood’s hottest gay bars, The Abbey and Mother Lode, over the weekend, and eyebrows are raised about whether the actor is gay.

According to Radar Online, Taylor Lautner was having a blast with some friends at two West Hollywood gay bars over the weekend, but sources reveal that he was trying to keep a low profile.

“Taylor only stayed at Mother Lode for a half-hour, but seemed to be having a blast! It is a fun gay bar with super strong drinks and he was in the back with two friends who looked to be very close by their interactions.

“Taylor was definitely trying to be incognito it looked like, but everyone there was staring at him. I think he left because people kept asking him for photos with him and he declined.”

However, Taylor Lautner did take one photo during his night out on the gay scene. The actor posed for a shot with openly gay model Murray Swamby, which the model later posted to his Instagram account.

“Ugh @official_taylorlautner #taylorlautner.. I’ve never been more #attracted to someone in my life…”

Of course, this caption is enough to make fans wonder if Taylor Lautner is gay. However, Swanby did write in his post caption hashtag that Lautner is a “hot straight guy.”

Unfortunately for Taylor, this isn’t the first time his sexuality has made headlines. The hunky star has had fans wondering if he’s gay or not for years. However, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, has been linked to many A-list stars such as Taylor Swift and Lily Collins.

It is likely that Taylor Lautner was hanging out with some of his friends, who may or may not be gay themselves, and decided to pop in to The Abbey and Mother Lode for some fun.

However, Taylor should have probably figured that the photos and eye witness accounts would be making their way into the tabloids at some point.

Whether Taylor Lautner is gay or straight, he obviously doesn’t care what people think of him or say about him, which only makes his loyal fans love him even more. However, if Lautner keeps popping up at gay clubs, this rumor could get out of control.

What do you make of Taylor Lautner partying at Hollywood’s hottest gay bars?

[Image Credit: Instagram]