NeNe Leakes And Cynthia Bailey Restore Their Friendship On ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’

The friendship between NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey has become a central storyline on The Real Housewives of Atlanta ever since Cynthia joked about offering NeNe a friendship contract years ago on the show. The latest episodes of RHOA, however, have shown the friendship between Leakes and Bailey strained to the breaking point, specifically after NeNe called Peter Bailey, husband to Cynthia, a derogatory name.

The latest videos from Bravo TV shows NeNe telling Cynthia that she loved Bailey like a sister, in a series of well-edited reshoots that show some curse words being bleeped out whilst other statements don’t contain the curse words at all, leading intrepid viewers to believe that RHOA is as scripted as Bravo TV’s new Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce series – a show that Janeane Garofalo has already left, reports Page Six.

But back to NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey, who saw each other for the first time in months on the seventh season’s fifth episode of RHOA, wherein the group of women sat around a table after complimenting Porsha Stewart for wearing another Alexander McQueen dress.

“You let your husband get in your head.”

Leakes accused Bailey of listening to Peter too much, with NeNe pouring out her emotions in a litany of loud talking that didn’t leave a lot of room for Cynthia to speak, as Kenya Moore noted.

“All NeNe is doing is listening to herself. That’s a problem.”

Meanwhile, NeNe seemed overcome with emotions as Leakes recalled the most recent reunion show, wherein NeNe said she felt blindsided by Cynthia pulling back from their friendship, without NeNe understanding all the reasons why it was ending.

“I never thought that you would take your damn friendship and throw it away. I had your back when nobody else had your back, and I loved you like a f**king sister.”

NeNe’s was a heartfelt line that had publications like People repeating the news. Bravo TV has provided a video clip of their next episode, the Season 7, Episode 6 titled “Make-ups And Breakdowns,” with a clip called “NeNe Walks Out on Cynthia,” showing Leakes explaining that she needed to leave the table for a moment before talking to Cynthia because she has to calm down her emotions.

“I want her to truly understand the way that she has hurt me. I don’t appreciate her trying to blindside me in front of a bunch of people who didn’t care if we had a friendship or not.”

In a special preview video of the episode that’s set to air on December 14, Bailey was seen crying and telling NeNe that she wants to be friends again. Cynthia can also be seen strutting her stuff during New York Fashion Week, saying that “Cynthia Bailey” is back – and her ample cleavage makes an appearance on the runway as well.

Meanwhile, as Cynthia and NeNe work on repairing their friendship, Kandi goes to New York to visit Todd’s mother, Sharon, and has to clap back at her mother-in-law as Sharon spoke of punching Mama Joyce. A sad ending, especially since Sharon Tucker died not long after that RHOA scene was filmed, as reported by the Inquisitr.