November 3, 2020
Haley Kalil Displays Major Cleavage And Poses With Her Legs Open In 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit' Shoot

Model Haley Kalil started the week off by sharing a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram, which documented a tantalizing photo shoot for this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The update featured the stunning ginger wearing a light green bikini that beautifully complemented her freckled complexion and showed off lots of skin.

Haley sat on top of a large boulder on a sandy beach during the clip, with both knees bent out to the sides and her feet together in front of her body. She casually rested her hands on one of her ankles.

She leaned forward slightly, and her upper arms squeezed her bust together, which nearly spilled out of her low-cut bathing suit. Her overall position did not change as the video progressed, but she continued moving almost imperceptibly to slightly alter her pose.

Haley giggled throughout the entirety of the post, seemingly responding to someone off-camera. At one point, her shoulders shook from the laughter, causing her breasts to bounce enticingly.

A person holding a small electric blower in their right hand was visible in the bottom corner. They were using the tool to accentuate the breeze blowing through Haley's auburn tresses.

Haley tagged the publication's Instagram page in her caption and expressed how much she missed working with their crew.

According to Anne of Carversville, the shoot took place at Scrub Island, British Virgin Islands, last spring, with photographer Josie Clough behind the lens.

Haley's share was viewed over 11,000 times and racked up nearly 100 comments in the first hour after it was uploaded. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Instagram page responded almost immediately to her caption with a hello, followed by a kissing-face emoji.

"Gorgeous smile. You have a wonderful day," one fan declared, adding a few red roses and a heart to the compliment.

"Beauty like no other!!!" a second person exclaimed

"Absolutely radiant!!" a third follower remarked.

"Imagine having a job where you get to aim leafblowers & spray water on supermodels. That would be pretty awesome," a fourth fan mused.

As reported by The Inquisitr last week, the cheerful beauty wore a body-hugging ruffled dress with a revealing neckline and accentuated her features with makeup for the "first time in 700 years," as she joked in the caption. Haley posed flirtatiously in the series of backyard snaps, toying with the hem of her skirt and pouting her full lips. Fans loved the post as over 10,000 people have hit the "like" button at the time of this writing.