CM Punk: Power Ranger Jason David Frank Wants To Be CM Punk’s First UFC Fight

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know former WWE Superstar CM Punk announced at UFC 181 on Saturday that he was joining the company. The night was clearly all about Punk. The fights went on and they were very good, but Punk was the story coming out of the event, and still is days later. One question that has been up in the air since the announcement of CM Punk coming into UFC was officially announced was: Who the heck would he face first?

Clearly there is a lot of money in his first fight. Whoever does it with him, win or lose, will end up with a good payday. It seems that Jason David Frank of Power Rangers fame wants to be the guy Punk takes on first. Understand, this is not JDF’s first attempt to get Punk inside the cage; he has been begging the former WWE Champion to do a fight all year long. He even claimed he’d do it with all proceeds going to charity.

The fight is one that people would like to see.

JDF has been a martial artist for the better part of his life. He even owned his own martial arts studio at 18-years-old. He currently holds a 7th degree black belt in Karate, putting him in very elite company. He also holds a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. On top of that, he is 5-0 in MMA fights; four of them were amateur fights, while one was a professional win.

At the end of the day, he is most likely just as deserving as CM Punk to be in UFC. If not, at least Bellator MMA. The same with others. He spoke about this on his Facebook page this past weekend.

“I’ve tried for years haha. you can’t just Join UFC you have to be invited and prove yourself as a fighter. I have a lot of great friends who are GREAT fighters that still haven’t got Into the UFC. I Didn’t know with no fight experience you can. Well I was wrong. He’s in the UFC and that’s that. Don’t under estimate him though Brock did it, maybe he can too? PS I still would like a shot haha. JDF”

Power Ranger Frank

However, he has not been signed by any major fight promotion yet. This has not been too bad for JDF, as he has worked on a variety of projects, specifically the latest Power Rangers TV show and upcoming movie.

CM Punk has not responded to any of the requests made by Frank this year. Most feel he has not due to the fact that he doesn’t want to get into a war of sorts over something he has no control over.

Privately, according to Fox Sports, the two have discussed the idea of fighting before.

However, this perfectly fits within the rules UFC President Dana White set out for CM Punk upon signing him, since White does not want to throw Punk into the cage with the top stars right away. He’d rather start him out with someone 1-0, 2-1, or something along those lines. He wants a guy who is on an even level with Punk in a sense. Right now, UFC is wanting to promote a major first fight with CM Punk. Who better to throw him in the cage with than Jason David Frank?

Frank does not have an extensive fight record, similar to Punk. Plus, the two are big names that people would like to see. On top of this, both have hurdles to climb past in the fight world. Punk with Pro-Wrestling and the fake nature of it versus Frank and the Power Rangers phenomenon that he has embraced, but hurts him in credibility.

Money-wise, the fight would do quite well. Both men are known and both men would be helpful to the bottom line. It is a business after all. That seems to be how Frank has been promoting it all along.

The great thing is that both men can fight Middleweight.

Right now, a lot of mud slinging will come from various people wanting to get a shot at CM Punk. Why not? Again, the pay for this particular fight will be high. The bonus money will be great. A lot of UFC guys want him, so most believe Dana White will end up giving it to a guy he already has on his roster. However, what better way for Frank to prove himself than to take out the UFC’s newest money maker in CM Punk?

[IMG Credits: JDF Facebook, YouTube]