Martha Stewart Tells Dirty Joke, Pin Heard Dropping

Self-styled domestic goddess Martha Stewart rolled out a dirty joke or two in the cooking segment on her Wednesday show, much to the surprise boredom of everybody watching.

Stewart had butcher Ryan Farr on her show to present a piece on cooking homemade sausages, and immediately set about making painfully unfunny analogies between sausages and – get this – penises.

As Barr mucked about with sausage casings, Stewart seized her chance. Holding up a casing, she said, “So these are more like rubber balloons actually,” then adding, “or condoms.” Barr looked mildly bemused, but Stewart wasn’t stopping there. “Well, I bet they [would] work,” she said. “They’re good enough for sausage.”

So it’s fair to say Martha won’t be troubling the stand-up scene any time soon, though there was something a little delicious about the awkwardness that ensued.

In fact, maybe this riskier, cheekier side of her persona is the real Martha. I mean, these Stone Age gags come after the former jailbird was revealed by her daughter to pee with the bathroom door wide open and avoid Halloween trick-or-treaters by pretending she was not home. See, she’s pretty rock ‘n’ roll.

Anyway, it’s a bit of a watch-through-the-fingers clip. Here it is in full: